Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yummy Sunday.

I had quite a few food ideas to use for gifts... and some were more involved than others.  I decided the more involved ideas would be good Monday posts - and that left me with, basically just a bunch of recipes to share.  Good recipes, but just recipes.  These are yummy ideas that would be great for gifting in one way or another.  Up today:
The Pioneer Woman's Knock You Naked Brownies.  Yeah.

Upon first review, I was pretty skeptical that any food could actually blow the clothes off of me.

After trying them, though, I fully understand.  

Don't join Chocoholics Anonymous just before making these.  (PS, the part in the directions that says to chill them for HOURS... yeah, don't ignore that.)

Now, I fully credit Pioneer Woman with this recipe.  FULLY.  BUT, here is a fun printable recipe card, super easy and cute, just for you.

Now, how cute would a couple of these brownies be in a big mouth mason jar with parchment paper between each one, with a little tag and the recipe attached?

(here's a tag to print):

Like this-ish:
Or this:

Really cute, that's how.

Tomorrow I get to share another gift idea with you!

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