Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jar-ring gifts...

I love mason jars.  It's ridiculous to even mention, since I know that's like, DUH.  Doesn't every crafter?  But yes, seriously, I do.  I have a whole pinterest board devoted to them.  I love putting gifts in them.  Making them pretty.  There's so much potential...

And as I looked through my "gifts for all occasions" board on pinterest, I realized a lot of them involved jars.  And my FAVORITE FAVORITE gifts nearly always involve some kind of fun, unique "packaging" - like mason jars.  Or mugs.  Or travel cups.  Or buckets.  Or different kinds of tote bags.  In any case, I thought it only appropriate to smoosh all of these great ideas together into a fabulous round up:

50 gift ideas that come in super handy, cute, and creative packaging.

1. Housewarming in a Yarn Wrapped Jar (a plant!) - She Finds
2. Mint Fudge Brownie Parfaits - Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
3. What I Love About You - the DIY girl
4. Apron in a Jar - Pleasant Home
5. Homemade Bath Salts - The White Gown
6. Alphabet Flower Jars for teacher - Little Pumpkin Grace
7. Housewarming Gift in a Jar (treat jar) - This Little Life of Mine
8. Personalized Christmas Jars (a jar catered to each family member) - Paper Blog 
9. "Doggone" Teacher Gift - Smashed Peas and Carrots
10. Drop off Salad - JackOLyn Murphy
11. Coupon Jar - Catch My Party
12. Love in a Jar - Inspired to Share for BRIKA
13. Spa in a jar - The Gunny Sack
14. Housewarming Jar (handy house items) - Oh Happy Day
15. Sewing Kit in a Jar - Under the Sycamore

1. Fun in the Sun Gift (in a large drink dispenser) - The Family Historian
2. Christmas Mug Gift - kiki and Company
3. Baker's Cup Succulents - Paper and Stitch
4. Travel Cup Teacher Gift - Lisa Storms
5. Cupcake in a cup - Bird on a Cake
6. Snickers and Joy Teacher Gift (um... it's a MASON JAR CUP) - Li'l Luna

1. Tape Gift Bags - DIY Cray
2. Apple for Teacher Gift - Dixie Delights
3. Puppet Kit - Childhood 101
4. Summer Relaxation Kit - The Lovely Cupboard
5. Paper Bags and Pom Poms - The French Import
6. Jack-O-Lantern Juice - Whipperberry
7. Bright Future Teacher Gift - Landee See Landee Do
8. Snappy Bags - The Crafting Chicks for I Heart Naptime
9. Reusable Fabric Gift Bags - I'm Feeling Crafty

1. Car Wash Kit - Inner Child Fun
2. Arts and Crafts Bucket - Li'l Blue Boo
3. Bucket of Luck - Maybe I will...
4. BBQ Bucket - Cheryl Style
5. Gardening Bucket - I Heart Naptime
6. Kitchen in a Bucket - The Girl Creative

1. Orange You Glad Teacher Appreciation (berry basket) - Shaken Together
2. Sharpie Teacher Appreciation (Crystal Light Container) - Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
3. Christmas Candle Gift - Kerry's Craft Blog.
4. New Mom Kit (clear drawstring bag from bath items) - Get Snazzy
5. Wine Bags (sweater sleeves) - Create My Event
6. Cereal Boxes and More - Michele Made Me
7. "Mint" to be gift (Crystal Light Container) - It's So Stinking Cute
8. Gardening Hose Gift Basket (think housewarming presents) - Apartment Therapy

2. Lego Money Holder - A Girl and a Glue Gun
3. Photo Envelope Liner (for giving cards, gift cards, etc.) - cake. 
4. Balloon Money Holder - The Gold Jellybean
5. Folded Paper Gift Box - Cosmo Cricket
6. CD Envelope and Yarn - TomKat Studio

Yep, there's more tomorrow!  Just wait and see!

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