Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Dessert That Cannot Be Named.

Today's "Yummy Monday (on Sunday)" SLASH "Gift it. With Food Related Gifts" is... well... the most delicious thing I've ever put in my mouth.

No, I am NOT exaggerating, thank you very much.

I dare you to bake this, eat it and then NOT say the exact same thing.

I'm serious.  I dare you.  Triple dare.  Go do it.  I'll wait.

I pinned this on Pinterest, and originally it was posted on Six Sisters Stuff right here.  I had a big old crowd for dinner the other night (my Uncle and some sister missionaries from my church in addition to my mom and dad) so I had to tweak the recipe and extend it so it would make more servings.

It was so worth it.  So very worth every single second I took to measure and calculate and do mental math and mix and bake.

Do you SEE those layers?  Do you know what those ARE???  That's made from scratch soft, moist brownie, creamy, rich cheesecake, and fantastically sweet chocolate topping.  Yes, I'm serious.  

So, you'd like the recipe?  Oh?  Really?  Well...

I feel I must warn you.  Mr has all kinds of names for this dessert... He has nicknamed it "Devil's Dessert," "The Evil In The Pan," "The Dessert That Cannot Be Named..." you get the idea.


Pack up a bunch of these in a jar or clear goodie bag with some twine, a la this:
Via Grey Luster Girl
or this:
Via Serena Thompson, The Farm Chicks
or even this:
via Donna Sawyer
And add these adorable printable tags from The Gaines Gang:

So cute.

Again, you can print out that recipe card and include it in the gift as well!

More gifts tomorrow!  More!

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