Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Creative Present. That Keeps on Creating.

So, I've already admitted my strange obsession with " a bag" gifts.  And though I can't quite put my finger on it - it's like an updated gift basket, but it sounds so much cooler when you put " a bag" on the tag.  Right?
In any case, I have another idea for you today!  And it's one with so, soooo many possible variations and levels of homemadeness it will make your head swim. 

bug got to go to the coolest birthday party the other week - it was a balloon themed party (there was a balloon wreath, like this one, and balloon topiaries and balloon bracelets for favors!) complete with a clown and balloon animals!  Now that bug is getting to an age where there are more party invites, I have to become even more creative with handmade gifts.  What kid wants to get some sewn, hand embroidered pillow or something?  No kid, that's who.
I know the birthday cutie and her family fairly well, and decided to go the creative route with her.  I made her a:

Super easy concept.  Basically, you throw everything you could want to create ART into a personalized bag.  Bam.  Done.

Ok, but this would be a really short post if that was all I had to tell you.  So, I'll give you some specifics.  If I had NOT been short on time I would have sewn up a storm with little marker carriers and pencil cases and tote bags all with coordinating fabrics and oh, so cute.  Then I would have added homemade molded crayons and "make your own stickers" and all kinds of crazy crap.  But as you know, life gets in the way.  So we went with "semi-handmade" this time.

I got this little "knapsack" - aka plastic-y canvas drawstring tote from the dollar store.  I decided to try out my fabric sharpies on it, and as you could expect, there was still some bleeding.  But surprisingly little.  I placed a piece of thick paper inside the bag beneath where I was writing to protect the back of the bag from accidental marker seepage.
My next step was converting this lame clipboard (also from the dollar store) into a personalized "travel desk".  That's just fancy speak.  It's still a clipboard, just dressed up.
I used coordinating washi tape and made sure to wrap it around the back side too.  Then I wrote her name in marker.  I pulled the little tab up - the one with the little hole to hang the clipboard on the wall with - and put some matching ribbons through.  (a special note here, I WAS going to use scrapbook paper and double sided tape to decorate the whole clipboard. Then I realized I didn't HAVE anymore double sided tape - thanks to my kids who keep pilfering my tape drawer.  So I went this route and I think I like it better.)
Next, I compiled a bunch of things that were "arty" but maybe she didn't have a ton of at home.  I mean, everyone has crayons and coloring books, right?  So I got colored pencils and markers.  And a BIG pad of paper.  I also made sure to get some things that were JUST LUCY'S and would make her feel more "grown up" - she has a little brother, and I wanted to make sure she knew WE knew she could handle more grown up art supplies than a toddler.
I got a giant eraser and pencils, a big scissors, tape and a glue stick.  Then I threw in some fun stickers.  I put the pencils, markers and eraser in the matching pencil case,

then I put everything into the art bag, and cinched it up tight.

I added a little tag around the straps that says "Masterpiece in a bag!" and "everything you need to create your own ART"  And you know what?  I'll admit it.  The tag is kind of lame.  I was on a time crunch at that point.

BUT I made some tags for YOU to use that AREN'T lame!

You can right click to download - use your choice of program to resize to your liking.  Print them out as two tags, or use them as a front and a back.

Also, in case you need even more inspiration, here's how you can go absolutely handmade "Masterpiece in a Bag" crazy:

Pencil Cases:
1. Zipper Mouth Pencil Case - Make it and Love it
2. Triangle Leather Pencil Case - Monsterscircus
3. Zip it Up Pencil Case - Craft Passion
4. Monster Pencil Cases - Antmee

Crayon Rolls, ETC:
1. No Sew Colored Pencil Roll - Small and Friendly
2. Ric Rac Crayon Roll - Skip to My Lou
4. Tied Up Marker Roll - Sweetie Pie

Art Kits:
1. Art Caddy - Homemade by Jill
2. Art Journal - LBG Studio
3. Composition Caddy - Splendorfalls
4. HeART Work Kit - Doodlecraft

Other Cool Stuff:
1. Art Caddy (to carry/store artwork) - One Charming Party
2.  Recycled Art Supply Caddy - Morena's Corner
3. Cork Stamps - Michele Made Me
4. Felt Pencil Toppers - One Crafty Mumma
5. Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers - Make and Takes
6. Painted Pencils - eighteen25
7. Art Apron - Scribble Shop
8. Wipe Down Apron - Ruffles and Stuff
9. DIY Watercolor Paint (in an Altoids tin!) - Homemade Simple

So if you plan your time right (cough, cough) YOUR masterpiece in a bag gift will be a masterpiece itself!!

Watch tomorrow for a fun and easy toddler gift!

*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!

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