Friday, August 23, 2013

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when my sewing machine acts like a piece of crap...

(Sorry if you're looking for the "easy toddler gift" I promised yesterday!  Good news is, it'll be up next week!)

My best friend had another birthday.  (Should be used to it.  Happens once a year...)  Last year I threw her a party.  The year before I made her a "30 sucks" "cake" and some other things, and I went to Chicago to visit.  This year I was lame.  Our cabin vacation fell right over her birthday, so I knew I couldn't be with her in person.  To make up for it, I decided to send her a "My Favorite Things" birthday gift - you've probably seen them around.  I thought it might make it FEEL like I was there - at least in spirit.

I put my own spin on it and made it specific for her 32nd birthday!

So, what went in her goodie bag?  What are my top 32 fav finds?  (Ok, I've got way more favorite things than this... but I had to be reasonable, I mean, this was going by mail.)

I just have to take a moment to comment on the dress.  I love this dress.  And it's one of those things I could never, ever, ever pull off.  And I don't mean just right now in my current "condition." I mean, like EVER.  But El?  It's like THE PERFECT DRESS for her.  There's a peplum top, people.  AND it's horizontal stripes!  AND it's bright and fun!  AND it's stretchy soft knit!  Ok, I'm done.

You may have noticed in the picture above that there are NOT 32 numbers.  Well, I'll explain that a bit later, but let's take a look at how I packaged it all up.

I folded and then rolled the dress up and wrapped it with it's own belt - just looped it around twice.  

There were several things I wanted to stay together but did NOT want in their original packaging.  I put the scarf and the glitter in jars.  I put all the wooden buttons in a small plastic storage cup.  I used a binder ring clip to keep the washi tape together and tied some twine around for fun.

And of course, twine.  I tied the fat quarters together - purple on top since it's her favorite color.  I tied the notebook and the three pens separately and then clipped the pens onto the cover.

Other items were left in there original packaging, but I cut off the uglier parts.  I covered up the ribbon spool with a punched out circle, which I needed to use later on...
Some items didn't need anything at all to fancy them up.  I mean, Oreos.  Come on.

I did end up wrapping a few of the items in tissue paper, because honestly, what's a birthday present without a little something to tear apart, right??

Then I made tags for the presents and here's where you see how I came up with 32 things.  On the front was the number of the present, and on the back was a little description of why I love it or just what it is.
(obviously the tags taped to the lids didn't have a front and back, so I just had to write the number and description on one side.)

And here's what it looked like with everything all wrapped up right before it went in the box to be mailed.
If I were delivering it in person, there would be a cute basket involved.

Bug drew her a card.  He LOVES creating masterpieces.  That kid is always drawing.  For the card I made, I wrote a little poem to be sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things" (of course).

Here's the deal.  Obviously this gift is customizable.  You don't have to give it to a 32 yr. old.  Just match the number of things to the age of the recipient.  
You also don't have to use Oreos, polka dots OR glitter.  (Though, why WOULDN'T you??)  You can mix it up.  Change it to your liking.

BUT.  I did want to leave you with some printable tags.  Because I like making them and I want to help you out.  I realized that the poem I wrote could actually be used for LOTS of different things, it's really not all that specific. (Unless of course you despise chevron.  Then this doesn't apply to you.)  SO I made a little favorite things tag for the outside of the basket, and a front and back tag for a little "card" to attach to the gifts.  There are two versions.  A specific "32" version and a not specific blank age version you will need to fill out yourself.

Have fun with it!  (If you do this, I totally want to see your version!)

Tomorrow?  A BIG old round-up for you.  My favorite one!

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