Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flavors of Fall - dessert edition.

As the weather gets significantly more winterish, I find myself longing for warm, delicious comfort food... but not just soups and stews and delicious casseroles... no, I want dessert.  As I've contemplated desserts to make for Yummy Monday lately, I've realized how much our cravings and tastes change from season to season.  You know what I mean...  Summer is for strawberries, key lime pies, homemade dreamsicle smoothies, Brazilian Lemonade!
But fall?  Fall flavors all its own.  In honor of this quickly fading fall season, and the upcoming delectable holiday known as Thanksgiving, I've decided to share our very favorite fall flavors - dessert style.

Today's delicious dessert is absolutely one of my favorites.  

They are enormously flavorful, with warm, rich chocolate flowing over their spiced deliciousness.  They're also surprisingly light, as far as chocolate desserts go.

I first encountered gingered pears in a British cookbook my mom got for me.  We decided they were probably one of the best fall desserts we'd ever tasted.  And despite the amount of ingredients in the recipe, they're also very easy to make.

So don't be deterred by how long and involved they appear to be.  It's mostly spices, a little mixing and stirring and a lot of simmering - which, as we know, doesn't require anything on your part.

It's not only my mom and I who like them.

They also have mini's stamp of approval... though she only conceded to eating the pears after sucking up all of the chocolate sauce.

What can I say.  She takes after her mother.

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