Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Although I posted through Thanksgiving, I've actually been "off-grid" for about a week.  And it's super hard to get back into the swing of things!  Especially since this time of year is - as you well know - the busiest time of year.

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!  We had a little of this:
and this:
and this, yum!
and this:

And, of course, a lot of family - all of whom I managed to forget to take pictures of.  There were 6 different desserts, people... surely you understand my distraction?
We also did our part for consumerism and left my house at 3:55 AM on Friday morning.  Unfortunately, you may be aware that this year black Friday became black Thursday, so stores were pretty bare, but we had fun anyway.

And, amazingly, we got our tree up!  Our Christmas decorations aren't completely up, but we're ahead of the game!

Now.  NOW.  I have to kick myself back into high gear, people.  I've got a table to decorate for our church Christmas party (so I've got to make some kind of tablescape.  Which I don't really do), a golden birthday coming up (not mine), and a trip to plan, and billions of presents to make, and then Christmas.  Oh, and then another birthday party and then a New Years party since we're missing the Wisconsin family Christmas this year.  Phew!

I know, I know.  Your to-do list looks like mine - or worse.  I know!  I'm just letting you know I'm right there with you.  So I'll be a little more sporadic than usual.  (But that always happens this time of year.)  I'll try to make it up to you after December when I've got too many projects to make sense of.  

In the mean time, I accomplished one Christmas gift - this Peg People Color Match game:

and I sent out the invites for this little girl's party:

(And NO the Dora theme was NOT my idea.) (Just so there's no confusion, she's turning 3 on the 3rd.  We're just having the party on the 7th.  It's still a golden birthday...)

Also, this week you'll see some guest posts I did a while back.  Woo-hoo!  

Alright.  Glad we're all still here.  Later!

*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!

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