Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top Ten Stuff.

Phew!!  What a crazy month!  I'm taking a brief respite from my respite (seriously, it's more work staying away from the old blog - not to mention pinterest - than it is getting on here...) to pop on here and give you a quick top ten or two!  No, wait.  Not top two.  Top ten or two top tens... oh, you know.  My eye recovery is advancing, but at quite a slow pace so I may be somewhat scarce for the next week due to not wanting to make myself blind and all... 

My first top ten post I'd like to share with you is my "MOST PINNED" list.  You know I'm addicted to pinterest.  If you are not addicted to pinterest yet, please go here.  And then you can follow me here.  Just trying to share the love.

Anyhoo.  Don't you love seeing where you've been pinned?  I know, I know - it sounds totally vain, but sometimes I need an ego boost.  I learned over on The Speckled Dog that you can find out who's pinning your stuff by putting this in your search bar: blog address)

Well, after much scientific research and data analysis and recording in true hyper-intelligent fashion (*read sarcasm*) here is a list of my 
Top Ten Pinned DIY-y Type Things
10.  - A TIE!

(affectionately called "slimeade" at our house)

And I believe I can also include the Svelte Belt/Versatile Headband.
(By the way, there will soon be a tutorial for a newer version of the Stay-Put Bookmark, the kind you can find here.)

And for no reason other than I like food and eating, I've put my recipe pins in a different list!  Gasp!  Another list!  The
Top 5 Pinned Recipes 

(Go there for the recipe, but here's a better picture than shown in the post)

2.  Cottage Cheese Pie (oh, man, so good, guys.  Good choice.)

And number, 1??

Because I am a pinterest addict, you can be assured that there will be regular pinterest type posts in the new year.  Back later with more stuff for the end of the year/beginning of new year!  Happy 2012! (For the record, I have been writing 2012 for about 6 months now, so although I usually have a hard time with that transition this year I should be ok!)

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!

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