Saturday, January 14, 2012

Deviation from the norm. Operation: Valentine's Day

It's not very often I put up a post like this - and even LESS often when it hits so very close to home for me.  I hope you'll understand this deviation from the norm...
Last Friday my early morning was interrupted by a call from my mom letting me know that a very good friend of mine from church, Katrina, had lost her husband due to complications from diabetes.  He was only 32.  Katrina has four amazing (and young) children.  
Not only did my friend lose the love of her life (and during the holiday season) but she's now left to care for her children alone.  She runs a licensed day care from her home, and her husband - a jack of all trades who had been on disability for a number of years - was basically the sole provider for their family and had no life or health insurance.  I know she is fearful of being able to take care of her children now, as I would be in her position.
I've gotten to know Katrina and her children through the work I do with the children's program (called Primary) at my church.  They truly are some of the most amazing, strong, faithful and happy people I know.  Katrina has handled this event with strength and grace, putting her trust in the Lord and teaching her children to do the same.  I admire her for so many reasons, and this experience only adds to those feelings I have.
Because I love her dearly, I obviously wish I could help her - even in some small way.  A mutual friend of ours from church has organized what she calls "Operation: Valentine's Day."  I've promised Jenny that I would help spread the word in any way I can...
Some of you are close friends and family whom I just don't see frequently enough.  Some of you are wonderful people I've gotten to know through blogging and emails and would consider my friends.  Some of you probably know very little about me - and I know even less about you.  BUT: many of you have experienced painfully similar events - either personally or secondhand.  So I know you understand my desire to help Katrina and her family.
Jenny's plan is simple, and that is to help this family through the very first holiday they will have without their father and husband.  She is gathering donations of gift cards in any denomination for Walmart or Target.  This is not an official organization or charity.  This is not an auction to raise money for a cure or anything like that.  Rather, we are simply a group of friends appealing to other friends to help Katrina's family with necessities.  The gift cards will be given to Katrina on her birthday - which is two days after Valentine's Day.  If you would like to help, you can direct any questions to Jenny via email: 

If you would like donate, you can send any donations to:
Jenny Orchard
ATTN: Operation Valentine's Day
319 Foster St
Oshkosh WI 54902
In light of Jenny's efforts, my cohorts at Shop Bugaboo and I have devised another way you can help out! Starting today, 50% of all sales made will go to “Operation: Valentine’s Day” for an entire week. 

That's right!  You could buy something cute AND help someone in need!  How great is that?  We still have several old favorites up for grabs:
along with some new items:
So, if you purchase something from us between January 14th and January 21st, you'll be lifting spirits and easing a tiresome burden.
Thanks for reading, everyone!  And thanks for your support.

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