Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hair Bling in a Jar.

On my sister IL's Christmas list was a broad category requesting "hair stuff"... so I took that as my cue to whip up a few things.

My favorite is the rolled t-shirt rose headband.  I love me some mustard and gray, it's true.  I didn't make it as a clip, like I normally do, but rather glued it to felt and glued the felt right to a sparkly black headband and glued on a felt backing.  For the style - with the roses all in a long line like that - I just thought that would work best.

I also made a big boho bloom, which I posted about looooong ago (well before my photos were good, just a warning) and a Yo-Yo Bow which I posted just before Christmas.  
Then I whipped up a little clip with some peacock feathers (which I got from Pick Your Plum, by the way... that place is dangerous) and some black and white pearlescent beads.  The back is a twofer - alligator clip and pin - so she can wear it on a headband or on a cardi.
And finally, I sent her a delicate little lace bow, the idea for which I stole from Amie (Kitty Cats and Airplanes) who I believe stole it from Anthro.

I stuffed them all in a mason jar (because that's a present in itself, am I right?  You can never have too many mason jars!) along with two separate elastic headbands and sent it off.

I'm calling it "Hair Bling in a Jar."  Has a nice ring to it, no?  But not really...

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1 comment:

Amy @ Amy Giggles Designs said...

these are all super cute! I want to try the old t-shirt roses and the bow! I'm your newest follower!

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