Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Guest with a Picnic Pick-Me-Up

Do you read The Rowdy Stroudy's - All That Is Sweet in Life?  If not, what the heck's wrong with you?  If so, well, you know why I just asked that.  Carrie Stroud writes (beautifully I might add) about her family, memories, struggles and life in general.  She also has some amazing photography.  Ooo, and she hosts some amazing parties.  AND she is here today with a guest post!!

We all have days that are rough, and it can be so hard to figure out what to do for a loved one to help them feel better.  Sometimes words don't suffice, and since it is still picnic season, I thought how great it would be to incorporate that fun into a gift to cheer someone up! 
Left secretly on a doorstep with a balloon attached and a sign saying "Pick Me Up!  A picnic for a day that may not be going your way." will surely make someone smile.
I wanted to give a picnic basket with no items that needed returned to me, so I had to plan for that.  I am all about thrifty finds, so I went to the thrift store and bought some low dollar items to put my version of a picnic basket together. You can't always find a traditional picnic basket, so I figured that a large one with a handle would still work well.  I also found some cute canisters-- you know --the tins you get at Christmas etc. and have no idea what to do with and so you send them to the thrift store!?  Well, bring them back home, girlfriend!  I found some cute vintage non-holiday ones and it made the idea of putting food in tupperwear a thing of the past.  I also bought a vintage sheet that works great as a blanket since it compacts well and quilts are definitely not something you want to give away.
It was also really surprising when I began to put it all together because I didn't mean for it to color coordinate so well.  But the oranges and reds work perfectly as we end the Summer and head into Autumn.
basket $1.99
vintage tins $.99 each
old glass canning jar $1.99
vintage sheet $2.99
plastic eating baskets $.99 each
red checkered napkins $1.99 each
red and white bakers twine (in my craft stash)
When it comes to the food, I wanted to give items that required minimal silverware and clean-up. You can really go with homemade goodies if you have the time time, but for me, I needed a quick and cheap meal to go! In this case, all that needed supplied by them was a bottle opener (if necessary) and knife.
orange cream soda
dry sausage
cheese slices
meyer lemon wafers
mini peanut butter cups

Now all you need is someone to cheer up! 
But... uhm...honestly, I am seriously considering claiming my own sad day and gifting these goodies to myself;)    

 She's brilliant, right?  I don't need to tell you what I love about this tutorial, because what's NOT to love???  The colors, the vintage goodness, the crafty homey vibe, the twine, the charm, the THOUGHTFULNESS!  Next time someone I know has a downer I'm breaking out this idea!  Thanks Carrie!


*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!


Susan Anderson said...

Anyone would be thrilled to see that at her door.


Unknown said...

That is the sweetest idea. Who doesn't love a picnic?

Carrie said...

Thanks for the sweet words! You're a doll;) And not a self-absorbed airhead barbie doll. The cute and cool one. heehee;)

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