Friday, August 5, 2011

I have a dream.

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When I was little I dreamed of being on broadway.  One year, for an English assignment, I created a fake magazine cover and article about my life - my birth, history, getting discovered during my university studies at Juliard, my debut performance to sold out audiences, culminating in the ultimate achievement: winning a Tony.  I was fairly overdramatic, even at a young age.

I admit that as I got older, my dreams shape-shifted slightly.  Like so many others, I grew up.  Although I have a certain affinity for Peter Pan, I never shared his desire to stay young forever - and I never sought a fountain of youth or Neverland magic.  

My goals and dreams matured.  Those that didn't became shadows and eventually, simply drifted away.

Except the most important ones.  

I in no way mean to imply that these dreams - falling madly in love, marrying my best friend, having children, making a home - are in any way lesser than my juvenile fantasies.  But the nature of these more grown-up dreams is such that they necessarily nudged the others aside.

Do I regret it?  This shift?

To say I do would be slap in the face to those I love and the life I've chosen.  To say I don't wouldn't be entirely true.

If I had it to choose over again, I would choose the same in a heartbeat.

But what do I wish for my children?  What will I teach them about their dreams?  That no goal is to big? That no dream is to frivolous?  That they must cling to their dreams and aspirations with the determination to make them happen and let no one stand in their way?  That they CAN have it all?

Dreams are funny things.  Somewhat airy and insubstantial, they can be whisked away at the slightest naysaying  provocation.  If given the right credence, they take shape and form and - dare I say it - even wings.

What are your dreams for your children? Upromise wants to know.  (

Upromise is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and they want to give away $20,000 to their users!  Money can't buy dream-fulfillment, true, but it can't hurt, either, right?!
Want to know more?  You can read all of the details in the dream wall official rules

All you need to do in order to participate is submit a story about a dream you have for your child/ren.  The stories are voted on by members and Upromise will give away $1,000 to 10 winners and a grand prize winner for $10,000 will be selected from the participants as well.
Upromise invites you to join the movement, share your experiences and give a spark to help fuel the flame of their future dreams.

Head on over to the Dream Wall and share your dreams for your kids.  I've posted mine there already:
I’ve come to decide that Socrates was on to something.  My dream for my children is that they discover themselves.  I want them to have a firmly planted knowledge of who they are and what they want to become.  I want them to cling to the knowledge that they can be anyone they want to be, but above all they are children of a loving Heavenly Father and heirs to His kingdom.  I want them to know their heritage, their ancestors, their family, their friends, their environment intimately - because all of these work to mold our identities. When the maxim “know thyself” was penned on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, perhaps it was meant as a reminder to know yourself so unapologetically that you pay no attention to outside opinions.  I want this for my children.  What better way to ground yourself in stability with integrity than to have a firmly planted knowledge of who you are.

So what is your dream?  Let me know in the comments! (And I just may have a surprise for you...)

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