Saturday, August 27, 2011

A glue gun project: the thrilling conclusion

I had one more page to decorate.  It had to be good.  Bathroom?  Nah, that was just asking of all kinds of inappropriateness.  Living room?  Bor-ing.  Play room?  It was a possibility, but all I could think of was a large toy box filled with toys to take out and put on shelves or play with.  It didn't seem QUITE interesting enough, but I felt it was headed in the right direction...

So I decided to take it outside.  No, I mean MAKE the page outside.  No.  Wait.  I mean create the outdoors on the page.  Yes.  That's right.

I cut out a green piece that was flat on one side and bumpy on the other - a hill - and glued it to one page.  On the other page I cut a long strip of green and cut fringe in one edge for grass.  I glued the bottom part down and left the fringe unglued.  I also cut a few trunk shapes out of brown and glued those down across the two pages.  On the side with the hill, I glued ruffly blue ribbon in strips.  I left the middle part of the bottom two strips unglued to form a little pocket.  The only other fixed element is a swing I made out of cording and elastic.

After all the fixed elements were glued down, I cut out remove-able pieces to play around with.  Raindrops, clouds, different colored leaves, sun, flowered trim, etc.  I glued velcro to the backs.

Now she can pick the weather and seasons:
Which is all well and good, but what's our dolly to DO here?  How about swing?

Huh.  I just realized she's still naked.  No, we don't usually go to the park naked.

Or she could swim:

I made a large pocket on the back of the book with two black rectangles for some of the more bulky pieces.  That way the book isn't quite so huge when closed.

I like that the clouds can double as drifts of snow.

bug likes that, apparently, the roses can double as apples.

He also told me that the flowers smelled "great." Which is why he made the dolly smell them.

I think he enjoys this book more than mini does.  He has played with it during church on a number of occasions now...

You see how cool hot glue can be?

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Bella @ Bella before and after said...

SO how much glue did you end up using, lol. I think either way it sure beats sewing, for sure. Gosh, all the details are so awesome. Everything is customizable, so much fun for the little ones. Even though mine are a bit bigger now, I bet they'd still enjoy one of these, he he.

Have a greta night girl!!

Hugs, Bella :)
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Sew Can Do said...

This looks great - what a fun theme to finish the book with:)

Michelle L. said...

A beautiful creation, so much imagination went into it! And I love that your little Bug is using his imagination to play.

Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

How is it that you manage to go above and beyond with everything you do? Where do you find the time and energy? This is amazing, I love it!

Jayshree said...

Hello :D Just wondering how you got your pages INTO the book...

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