Thursday, August 25, 2011

A glue gun post: Continued.

So, we've constructed the book.  We've decorated the outside.  We've designed and glued the first page - the bedroom.  It's time to move on to the middle page.  The second most important room of the house (of course the one in which you are able to steal a few blessed moments of peace, quiet and sleep is the MOST important) - is... the kitchen of course!  Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of all the items placed in my kitchen/dining room combo, but they are all super easy to make with simple shapes, so I'm sure you'll get the idea.

First off, the microwave.  Because I thought encouraging stove use was too dangerous.  

You'll need two same sizes rectangles of same color felt.  A smaller white rectangle.  An extra small white rectangle.  Skinny strips of gray.  A wooden skewer.  11 brads.

Glue the first big rectangle to the book page.  Poke the brads through the other same sized rectangle and secure them on the backside.  Arrange them so they look like microwave buttons, the orange one is the power button, see?  Glue this rectangle to the first, but only glue over the back of the brads.  Leave the other side of the rectangle free of glue.  Glue the white rectangle to the front next to the brads.  Glue the tiny white rectangle above the brads, like the clock display.  Cut the skewer to just under the height of the microwave.  Wrap it in gray felt strips secured with glue.  Glue this handle to the side of the microwave opposite the brads.

Now open the microwave and glue some velcro to the backside of the door.  Done!

Make some teeny tiny felt food.  Nothing too fancy.  But everything has to be at least two layers thick for sturdiness.  Oh, and that pink and purple thing is supposed to be a sippy cup.  

Glue little pieces of velcro to the back of each piece of food.

And they, of course, need to be stored in something.  How about a fridge?  Cut a large rectangle and glue half of it to the page and fold the other half over.  Cut across this top layer to separate the fridge and freezer.  Glue two rectangles on top for sturdiness.  Wrap some bits of wooden skewers in gray felt and glue them to the side of the fridge for handles.

Open it up.  Glue velcro to the backside of the door on the edge.  Glue little strips of gray felt across the inside of the fridge for shelves.

And place your food.  I realize that with this assortment, the microwave is essentially useless.  Unless you like warm bananas.

And our dolly needs something to sit in to eat.  The high chair is NOT a rectangle, and I have no idea how to explain the shapes, so I'll just show you:

There are two dark brown shapes.  One for the back legs and chair backs.  One for the seat and front legs.  Then, I cut two pieces of black elastic.  I looped an end of one of the pieces over the middle of the other and secured the loop with glue.  Then I glued this "T" shape to the chair on the ends of the elastic pieces.  Now, ms. Dolly just slides right in!

And yes, she's eating naked.  That's what's it's like around here.  I don't want anyone staining their clothes.  And by anyone, I mean mini.  And the doll.  The rest of us wear clothes.  I mean, jeez, we're not nudists!

Next to the high chair there's half a table.  I couldn't afford a whole one.  Bahdum-ching!  Kidding.  I could only fit half on.  Obviously.

And let your cutie go to town!  Oooo, nanas!

Even bug got in on the fun.  Here he microwaved an ice cream cone before feeding it to mini mini.  Yes, we may need to have a discussion about proper microwave use...

And all the work is worth it to hear her make slurpy noises as she gives her doll something to drink.  

And I didn't even have to tell her it was supposed to be a sippy cup.  

Last page coming tomorrow!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

This is soooo cute. I love all the details, and I'm sure your little one does, too.

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