Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some easy Nautical Stuff. Too easy.

Check out:

And we're down to me... I was going to do the whole thing in one post, because let's face it, most of what I did for myself was ridiculously easy, and we're all over this nautical stuff, right?  But then I couldn't do it.  That sweater up there?  Well, I'm just too dang proud of it.  It had to be the finale piece.  It couldn't share a post.  So we'll save that little piece for later.

Which means tonight I'll be showing you my nautical shirt and accessories.  And I have to admit, I'm a little embarrassed to be making this an actual post.  Both were so very, very easy.  I'm not sure they even count.  BUT, you know I keep it real, and why would I change my cheating/easy shmeezy ways now?

Ok.  The shirt.  This is a thrifted shirt.  It was a size GARGANTUAN AND A HALF.  I'm not a small person.  But this shirt would have fit three of me, no exaggeration.  BUT it was the right print with the nautical stripes and I liked the collar.  So I got it.

The sleeves were bizarre.  So the first thing I did was try it on and decide where I wanted the sleeves to end.  Then I just hacked them off.  I didn't even finish them or hem them or anything, because as EVERYONE around craft blogland keeps saying, knit doesn't fray, so you can just leave it.  After wearing this shirt plenty of times, I can honestly say that I won't do that again.  In fact, I may go back and hem the sleeves, because the way the roll up drives me to distraction.

After I chopped the sleeves off, I tried the shirt on inside out and pinned the sides where I wanted them to be.  Then I slipped it off, and sewed up the sides and continued that seam out onto the sleeves to make them skinnier.  One line of straight stitching per side seam.  That's it.  That's all.  Done.

I wish I could lie and take credit for this cool boatneck collar, but that would be, well, a lie.  And I try to refrain from that.  Fortunately, although the shirt was a bazillion sizes too big, the collar was actually just right.  Maybe it wasn't actually MEANT to be a boatneck?  Well, it worked regardless.

Now, the accessories.

Oh dear heavens.  Why am I showing you this?  I could skip over it.  You would never have to know.  

It's too late.  Here it is.  The nautical bracelet.  Aw, heck.  Ok, so I took some of this craft rope stuff - shiny and slick - and folded it in half.  Then I twisted the it, fed an end through a button (which was really hard, because of how big it was) and tied the ends in a tight knot.  The looped end just slides over the button for closure.  I do like the button I used.  But I know it's really a very sad attempt.  I blame time constraints.

Can we just pretend it looks like this instead?

Which you can find on Etsy, here.  That's a cool bracelet.

I was flipping through the Anthro catalogue (metaphorically speaking - I was just looking online) and I came across these cute little bow earrings:

which, I'm sorry to report are no longer available.  There were many versions with various colors and types of ribbon.  So I based my little earrings on a more shabby chic version of these anthro babies that we all know were probably about $1000.

Basically, I just took some little strips of fabric and tied them in knots, then E6000'd those babies to the earring backs.  And uh, UNbasically that's exactly what I did as well.

Then, although they were stupidly easy, I liked the look so much, I decided to make a ring.  I mean, I had this empty ring base just hanging around being useless, so why not?  Strip of fabric, tie a knot, E6000, and BAM.  Ring.

Well, it's not going to win any awards, but sometimes easy is nice, right?  Right??

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Two Shades of Pink said...

Though the idea of sewing my own clothes scares me spitless...this post was so stinkin entertaining from beginning to end. You make me smile always.

Just Jaime said...

Great ideas!

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