Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Guest with... well, Just Plain Adorableness.

I knew from the moment I popped over to Shannon's blog, Googiemomma, that I hated her.  But in a good way.  I was checking out my competition in SYTYC Season something or other a long time ago... and BAM.  There was her cute blog.  I hated her.  Because I loved her.  From the very first post I found.  Now that we're not competitors I can fully admit to my crush on her adorable sewing projects.  And you guys, does she have some adorableness for you today.  

Hold on to your seats... it's the THRILLING FINALE POST OF "Life's a Picnic"!!!

summer is ending, and i’ll certainly miss the fine picnic weather.
okay, who am i kidding. i hate heat. i hate summer. i hate bugs.
but really, who doesn’t love a picnic?? (besides mom…who has to pack it and haul it and clean up after it…grumble grumble) it certainly looks like we have the makings of a fine one here…
watermelon, lemonade, cherries, cupcakes!
you know what they say though…
--life imitates art! IMG_5767_5362
or is that art imitates life?
either way…
it seems our “picnic” has sprung to life! 
a picnic blanket…
with a square neck and peter pan collar? that’s a first.
but all picnic blankets have something in common…
the ants go marching one by one!
hey wait! one of those ants just isn't the same!
well, you know what i say: if life is a bowl of cherries
make a dress to match!
you know, preferably a bubble dress with an asymetrical collar.
thirsty? how about some lemonade—or rather, lemon-mod!
keyholes running down the front, coordinating ruched headband…
bow in the back…
and big dark sunglasses are a must! jackie o would approve, don’t you think?
and no picnic is complete without the ultimate picnic food…
but one of these watermelons is not like the other!
plump and juicy—you may get splashed if you squeeze it too hard!
and the other one grows in gardens ;o)
yuck yuck snort…i’m so funny.
pintucks in the front, and matching sunhat and diaper cover for miss melon here.
unfortunately, it seems we picked a rather sour melon
oh well. it’s all good, because we have cupcakes for dessert!
one zipper tie—his cupcakey finest!
how many cupcakes do you think i had to bribe him with to make him wear a cupcake tie? ;o)
kim, thanks for having me here to be a part of your “life’s a picnic” series!
it’s been a blast!
and to everyone else--hop on over to visit me at googiemomma sometime! i’ll be sharing more photos and details of the projects i’ve done here in the next few days.
now i just have to find someone to help me clean up this mess…

Oh my gosh.  You see why I love her, right?  She's funny, clever, grammatically correct, and did you see that sewing???  I can't wait to check out the details on those dresses!  Which is your favorite?  I seriously love the lemon.  But the picnic blanket is adorable.  And that watermelon???  HELLO??  But really, if I could pull off that asymmetrical-stem-collar cherry dress I would wear it daily.  Thanks for the adorable picnic inspiration, Shannon! 

Watch for a guest-picnic round up and more favorites featured from the "Life's a Picnic" linky!  

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!


ana @ i made it so said...

how gorgeous are those photos! the colours are so vibrant and *those ants*! so cute. i adore googie's posts, visiting here from her blog.

Julia said...

The ants and the watermelon are my favorite. I've gotten so behind on reading blogs. I am glad I got to yours today!

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