Monday, September 26, 2011

Some photos. Because sometimes I post stuff like that.

It's been approximately a millennia and a half* since I did a photo scavenger hunt post.  And this isn't one, either.  But I do have about a zillion and two** photos from the little day trip we took with mr's parents when they were visiting a while ago.    So I figured since I miss the photo thing, and since I have a whole lotta zilch-ola*** for the scavenger hunt over at Ramblings and Photos today, I will entertain you with far too many pictures of the scenic little peninsula on which we vacationed.  Plus, I believe I totally forgot to put these pictures on my mom IL's flash drive and this is a pretty easy way to get them to her.

Don't worry, I won't share all zillion and two photos.  I narrowed it down to about a trillion, maybe slightly less.  And I'll break those up into different posts, because that could get old, fast, right?

Ahem.  We love this super picturesque narrow strip of land between the Green Bay and Lake Michigan.  We always drive down the bay side and stop in the little towns of literally 70-100 people with whimsical names like Egg Harbor and Fish Creek.  It's gorgeous.

 We first stopped at our favorite restaurant in the area - it serves authentic Swedish food.  Wait a minute.  What is that on the roof?

That's not... it couldn't be...

A goat?  No... on the roof?

Why, yes.  It is.

 It's true.  This particular restaurant is not only known for it's Swedish food, but also for the goats on the roof.

Why put goats on the roof?  Well, isn't it obvious?  It would be much too difficult to mow.

This begs the question: do Swedish people have goats on their roofs?  I really want to know.

While we waited for our table, we walked across the street to a marina where we could enjoy the view. Do you believe that I did NOT adjust the color in the photo at all?  Because I didn't. The bay really is that blue.

How would it be to live in one of those houses?  Right on the water, looking over to the other side... which is still WI, coincidentally.  We're out on the thumb, so you can see over to the hand.  Not in this picture.  But in general.

Of course, that means you would freeze to death almost all year.  Didn't we take this trip in the summer?  Why yes, yes we did.  Are we all wearing coats?  Yes, yes we are.

Well, except mr's dad, who refuses.

bug kept telling me he needed his hat and mittens.  In early September.  Only in WI, I tell ya.  And Canada.  And Alaska.  And probably Siberia, Iceland, and Antarctica.  Ok, so there're a lot of places.

I find her hilarious.  Am I the only one?  

And mr would want me to show you this picture of... uh, some kind of cool car which was parked outside the restaurant.  It's a porsche.  Or a corvette.  Or something like that.  Give me a break, here.  Before I met him I wouldn't have even known it was considered cool.  So I've come a long way.

Stay tuned for more!  At some point.  I mean, I do have other things planned, too.

*I've calculated and that's a pretty accurate assessment of time.
**Also, very well calculated.  Or possibly a guesstimate.  Or maybe just an extreme exaggeration.
***It's totally a word.  Oh, and again, very technical term, accurate assessment, blah, blah.

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!


Mindy said...

Al Johnson's!! Yes!!! Hope you enjoyed your trip. =)

Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

This was a delightful post! Goats on a roof really added to it. :D So cool!

kellystar said...

I've been following your blog for awhile...and I didn't know you were in Wisconsin! Are you a Fiskateer? We are having a Wisconsin Fiskateer party on November 5th. email me if you want info

purplekellystar at aol dot com

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