Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MORE photos?!? Well, I warned you...

Here it is, the great October Photo Hunt!  All of my pictures were taken during the month of October... and the best part about this month’s hunt?  My hubby helped!  Yep.  It seems that through these photo posts I’ve been putting up, mr and I have discovered a common interest we didn’t really know existed (since neither of us have focused much on photography as a hobby).  So he helped me decide on subjects for some and came with me on photo ops and was a willing participant when I needed someone to take a picture of.  When I was done editing the photos, he let me know if he liked it and if I should tweak it.  So if you don't like them, it's his fault.  Just kidding.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to convince him I need a DSLR now??  A girl can dream.

In Disguise
Well, the secrets out, now!  Batman and his loyal sidekick, Robin.  They are obviously in disguise so you won't know their alter-egos.

You should have seen the crazy makeshift set-up in my kitchen to get this shot.

Fall Colors
I climbed a tree to get this.

A Jack-O'-Lantern
Well, I wish we'd gotten our pumpkins carved in time for these pictures.  But it didn't happen.  bug's candy bucket would have to do.

A Shot from the Ground
Lots of Native American history around these parts.  This statue is pretty huge in real life.

A Landscape
Lake Michigan.  Incredibly cool, crisp fall day.

A Fall Tradition
why, trick-or-treating, of course!  My parents took me on hours long marathons when I was a kid and I imagine I will do the same as bug and mini get older.  And not so cold.  And not so tired.  And not so whiny.

bug loves books.  And I love that he loves them.

with all the eating we do around here, you'd think I'd have a decent shot of someone eating SOMETHING.  But this is as good as it got.

he's such a good big brother!

Faces Formed in Nature
I actually didn't notice the face until AFTER I took this.  It's a shame this guy has some lunch stuck in his teeth for the photo-op, but what ya gonna do?

Tilt-Shift Photography
First time ever attempting this.  mr said it was so weird how this editing technique makes things look fake.  I think it's a tiny bit creepy.  But I LOVE it.  I'm addicted.

Black and White with Selective Coloring
I swear I didn't enhance her eyes at all.  You don't believe me do you?  I swear.  They're just that blue.

My attempt at being artsy.  Did it work?

Best Photo Taken October 23rd
Tracks by our house.

Something from the Kitchen
mr's suggestion was to stab something with a knife and spread ketchup all over it.  He's got Halloween on the brain.  I followed his idea to an extent...

Something Vintage
My Grandma's ring.

Something Creepy

Something Golden
Tried a texture technique.  The photo under this is one I took on the 23rd at the train tracks of a pile of wooden beams.

A Self-Portrait

It's not all of me, but it's me.  I wish I could say those were my amazing eyelashes.  But they're falsies.  This does illustrate my love for dressing up though.  And my wrinkles.  Eeek!  I hadn't realized they were this bad...  


Bree said...

Ooooh...I love ALL your photos! As I was scrolling through, I kept thinking, okay gotta say I love this one, gotta say I like this one too, gotta say...oh geesh, I love them all! :)

The tilt-shift photos just amaze me, I love how they look like little miniatures.

Unfortunately, I only ended up with a handful of pictures for the hunt so I won't be participating this month.

Julia said...

Great photos. The "eyes" have it. Beautiful of yours and your daughter's.

Ashley Sisk said...

There were so many shots in this set that I just loved but I really loved your fall tradition and tilt-shift shots. You've done an excellent job!

Ashley said...

I love them all! My favorites were In Disguise and Vintage.

Tara said...

Great photos, I love your fall tradition and child shots so much!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! These are all great. I really love your best shot on oct. 23rd and your crisp shot. Awesome job!

Pam Bowers said...

So many great pictures. Love the landscape picture.

Darlene said...

Love the vintage, dining, and self-portrait photos. I don't see wrinkles. I have more! LOL! Here are mine:

Mrs Mar said...

I love so many of your photos. I would probably say may favs are LOL and i'll keep it down to 3, a shot from the ground, golden and vintage.

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh... all of your photos are so great! If I could pick three favorites from this set, it would have to be: Crisp, In Disguise, and Tilt-Shift.

Clare B said...

Your tilt-shift photo worked out so well, it really looks like a fake miniature world.

Nukke said...

Your self-portrait is very beautiful !!! and those are not wrinkles (you are not that old) That is a close-up to your skin and ones skin looks a little bit different when you are 20 and then as you get older. You have beautiful green eyes ! I love your golden, vintage, B&W selective col. and tilt-shift is very good. Your face in nature is one of the best!!!!and thatwall is smiling :) Children is a real situation and beautiful !!!
Your pics are a little bit too restless as they are from so many different/unusuall angles but I like your pics very much. your pics tells that you are very vivid person :)

Unknown said...

Hey, all, thanks for the comments! I really love hearing what your favorites are. And appreciate the time you take to comment here. :)

Sarah said...

So many wonderful photos! Your in disguise shot is so sweet! I love it! Also your shot from the ground photo is so cool! And I think your bokeh shot turned out awesome!

kayerj said...

amazing and creative shots, and I loved browsing through your blog. You are a lady with a lot of personality. thanks for stopping by.

Aimee said...

love your set! your shots are all very creative, especially the golden flower...love the texture you applied to it.

Reading Allowed said...

I'm so late on this, but I love all your shots! I have so many favorites, crisp, shot from the ground, B&W with coloring, something from the kitchen, so many good shots to choose from!

and my husband always helps with my challenges too. I don't think he ever realized this photography thing would be so interactive on his part :)

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