Sunday, November 7, 2010

big time slacker.

Ugh.  I am such a slacker.  I hardly took any photos at all this past week.  Just one of those weeks, you know?  I hated to miss a Scavenger Hunt Sunday, though, so I "scavenged" my archives.  This week is a combo of old and new shots.

Obviously, this was taken just before Halloween.  At the church party, my mom was in charge of decorating one of the rooms for the kids to trick or treat in.  She made a huge green armless monster and cut the mouth out so she could cover her hand and use it as a tongue.  My sister told the kids he was her pet monster.  The kids would walk up and say "trick or treat, Herman" and my mom would stick her "tongue" out with candy on it.  The kids raved about that room - they loved it.  They kept coming back, they thought it was so funny.  But NOT bug.  Oh, no.  Even though he has a pet monster of his own, he was TERRIFIED.  He wouldn't go anywhere near it.  I just about had a melt down when I tried to make him.
another pretty good recent family photo.  Apparently the secret is to either be dressed in costumes and unrecognizable or only shadows and completely unrecognizable.  I'm glad I discovered that now so as to save lots of future aggravation.
Also from the archives.  About two weeks ago, we went to the park and bug was fascinated with the lake.  I like the texture on not only the tree, but the grass in the background too.

also at the lake, but not from the archives (one of the few).   This guy obviously wanted to get just one more trip in before grounding his boat for the season.  It's COLD.
This is pretty much the only language she speaks fluently right now.  This and "giggle."

Over at Shutter Love Tuesdays, the theme is brown.  

my niece's hand as she walked down the ramp at the park.

And keeping with color themes, iheartfaces is "orange."

my brother IL's cool pumpkin.  Wish I'd had the whole "fog machine in the jack o lantern" idea.

And here is my contribution to Scripture and a Snapshot, hosted by Katie Lloyd Photography. 

sleeping peacefully, FOR ONCE.


Unknown said...

Nice shots. love your language one says it all.

Lisa said...

That black photo is amazing. I can't believe you were able to capture something like that. Also love how you paired the Alma scripture with the sleeping baby - perfect.

Ashley Sisk said...

That black photo is so cool and I also love your wet shot. All great photos this week Kimberly. Have a great one.

Katie said...

Too often we counsel with me, myself and I, and leave God out of the equation. And how peaceful it is to lay all that trust in Him!

Anonymous said...

I love your black and texture shots. Great job!

Kayce said...

Wonderful captures! Stopping by from Scripture and A Snapshot....your scripture and snap is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

great shots!

Erika B said...

So many great shots! I came over to look at your "Brown" and "Orange" and I like them both. Your brown is supercute!

Erika B

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