Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Project 4: Badge of honor

If you’re LDS, this may interest you (or it may not)... and if you aren’t, well, this one is the only Sunday Sundries project that’s pretty curch specific.  Although I suppose you could take this basic idea and make name tags or other kinds of pins.  Hm.
I decided to encourage the kids with their future plans - those that have future plans leaning missionary route, anyway - with these future missionary pins.
I know that you can buy stickers or key chains or what have you that look like this - but we’re on a budget, remember?  So this is my version.
First off, I created the name tag part in picnik.  I printed it out on normal computer paper.   I wish I’d made it slightly bigger, as it’s a little small on the badge, but it works.
Then, I cut a rectangle out of cardboard, and a larger rectangle out of black felt.
I used hot glue to adhere the felt to the cardboard, tucking in the sides and wrapping it all the way around.  
Then I slopped mod podge all over the whole thing.  (well, I did one side at a time, but you get the idea).  When it was dry, the whole thing was much more durable than had I not covered it with the podge.  It was hard - almost like a plastic.
I mod podged the paper design to the front of the felt badge.
When that dried, I hot glued a pin back on the back, and covered the mess with a little piece of black felt.


It would be super cool had I remembered to take a picture of the finished project.  Yikes.  Let’s pretend ok?


Lisa said...

How cool is that. It really looks like a neat badge instead of those paper tags we used to tape to our shirts. Great idea.

Lisa said...

I love all of your ideas! They are SO super great. I am wondering though, if I am blind or something? Is there a direct link somewhere to your "Sunday Sundries" series? If so, where is it? :-) Thank you for sharing your craftiness. I look forward to getting to know you (I found you through Jia!).

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