Thursday, November 4, 2010

Project 3: Fancy Frames

Okey, doke.  Time for another super cinchy project.  There’s nothing super unique here, either.  I’m sure you’ve all embellished a simple wooden frame before.  Well, here’s another take on that, one that can be accomplished in about 10 minutes per frame (minus the initial drying time for spray paint...)
So, you’ve got yourself some dollar store frames.  
First, you’ll spray paint them, various fun colors.  (You could obviously use acrylic craft paint, but spraying is so much faster, especially when you are doing multiple.)
Then you can feel free to embellish a bit.  On two of the frames I used scrapbook paper.  I simply ripped the scrapbook paper into strips so that they looked uneven and mod podged them to the frame.  Remember, we’re keeping these projects simple for time’s sake, so I didn’t embellish the heck out of the frame, like I may have otherwise.  Just a few paper strips mod podged here and there.  I left the other two frames I was doing unembellished at this point.
When the mod podge dries a bit, it’s time to add your favorite quote, or name, etc.  Since these were for the primary kids at my church, I used “I Love to See the Temple” (which is a song we sing with them) and “I Know My Savior LIVES.”  

You will add the quote using the same technique described here - mod podge and tissue paper.

you can't really tell, but that says, "I love to see the temple"
Add a thin layer of mod podge all around the frame for sealant and glossiness.
To finish them off completely, I added a picture of the Savior in two and a picture of a temple in two.  
Couldn’t be simpler to make them cuter.  Promise.
*the fourth frame isn’t pictured.  It was yellow with orange writing.  Not sure why that one escaped the paparazzi.
**Also, I’m not sure why I didn’t take a picture of them actually completed.  But I was kind of focused on madly getting everything done before I a) died from craft overload (is there such a thing? you ask.  Yes.  I’m here to attest that there is.) or b) had a mob of crazed primary kids breathing down my neck wanting cool stuff from the “primary store” which was about to go out of business due to lack of supply and too much demand.


Anonymous said...

How neat. Great idea.

Sandy Ang said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.
I love altering photo frames too. This is my latest project

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