Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project 5: Charmed, I'm sure.

I spent the majority of my time making about 30 little charms into bracelets, necklaces, and key chains.  I’m kind of in love with mod podge dimensional magic - and to those of you still stuck in 2nd grade, I WOULD marry it, if I weren’t already married.  
I started out with these chipboard letter tags.  

You could use scrabble tiles too, alas I only had the ones from our game and I’m pretty sure mr wouldn’t appreciate the missing letters or the fact that he could no longer spell “innocuous.”  (You see who wins when we play Scrabble?)  I got the letter tags from my sis.
My letter tags already had a hole, so I didn’t need to worry about drilling a hole or anything... but because they were chipboard, my crop a dile would have worked too.  (You really should get one of those... and I don’t work for stamp it up or anything...)
I made several different designs for the charms on picnik.  I chose phrases from songs that we sing at church (“Did you think to pray?”, “I am a Child of God”) and familiar symbols (the Angel Moroni, CTR - which means “Choose the Right”).  
I did them in different fonts and color, then printed some on plain cardstock and some on scrapbook paper.
Lay the tag on top of the design and trace around it.
Cut it out.  
Spread mod podge on the tag.  Lay the paper deign on top.
Let it dry a bit.
Take your dimensional magic and spread it all over the top of the charm.
Let it dry for at least three hours.  
(Oops.  I just realized that this project is technically over an hour.  Um... sorry.  You can do other things while you wait the dry time out.)

Once it’s hardened, line up your crop a dile with the hole in the letter tag to make a hole through the dimensional magic and the scrapbook paper.
yeah, that's the light reflected there, not some weird discoloration.
Now you’ve got tons of charms and you can use jump rings to attach them to chains or key rings, or slide them on some leather straps.  

Like this:

or this:

or this!

The possibilities are endless!

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Unknown said...

wow. that's SO cool. you may think i'm from the dark ages but i have NEVER heard of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic! i know. i have to get out more. i have to get me some. thanks for educatin' me!

Unknown said...

I love all your pendants - how awesome!

Alice said...

what a neat idea. now i want to play with mod podge dimensional magic :)

Mortensen's said...

Hey, yay! I know that stuff! I just made a necklace-for-her-key-chain-for-him wedding gift with it! I shrunk the engagement pics and put them in a 22mm charms. Add a pretty chain for her and a clippy keychain thingy for him and Viola! Just FYI, you know the happy couple, so don't steal this idea for S and C. ;)

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