Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You know it's time for a stick figure thank you when...

Where did you all come from???

There's 200 of you.  I’m officially speechless.  Well, not quite.  I don’t know if that could ever ACTUALLY happen.  But I’m close.
Well, you’ve made my day and I’d like to make yours.  So I think these little stick figures should indicate there’s another little thank you giveaway in the very near future.  
That’s right.
I think you rock.
Yes you.  And you, too.
Please accept this giveaway as a token of my appreciation to you, *VFs, for listening to me ramble, and watching me fail, and cheering when I triumph.  It’s going to be fun.  And it’s going to be soon.  And I wish I could enter myself.  But I can’t.  That would be silly.  I mean, I can’t thank MYSELF for putting up with me.
So, look for a giveaway coming soon, and all you have to do for the initial entry is follow me and let me know!  (but more details on that later).
In case you missed this post, here, I wanted to make sure you all knew about another thank you effort I’m sharing.
You know that Inspiration Board over there on the top of my left sidebar?  I change that out every week.  I used to peruse the internet to find cool pictures and whatnot for my board.  But I realized that I get way more inspiration from fellow bloggers like you.  So I thought I would have anyone and everyone who would like to be on my inspiration board send me a comment or an email INCLUDING LINKS TO TWO OF YOUR FAVORITE POSTS on your blog.  I promise I will check out your posts, peruse your blog, and pop up a picture, a link back to your blog, and talk you up.  You'll be featured as my inspiration for the whole week!  You deserve it.   

Honestly, guys, thanks.

*Virtual Friends (you know... like BF's?)

1 comment:

Ashley said...

You are so cute, love the stick figure! Congrats on 200!

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