Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catwoman's main man... er... girl.

She may be cute, but don’t let that fool you.  Known in most circles for her villainous plot to dehydrate the world, she runs with the bad boys: Catwoman, The Riddler and The Joker are among her best friends. 

She’s: The Penguin.  
OK.  Granted I know that the original penguin wasn’t nearly as cute.  Nor did he wear a tutu.  But you know he would have had he thought of it first.
Here’s my inspiration:

I decided to girlify his outfit a bit, hence the leggings and the tutu.
Her onesie, black mittens and black sweatshirt were from her closet.
I got the black tulle on clearance at Joanns - not thrift store, but clearance is good too!  I made the tutu by cutting the tulle in strips and knotting them around elastic.  (You can find a good tutorial for that here on Samster Mommy).
The leggings were made from a striped shirt I got at the thrift store.  I used the whole “fold the pants in half and trace around them, then flip and trace again” trick.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, go here.  I realized while making these that the days of buying any old shirt to turn into leggings for this little girl are GONE.  This was a girl’s size XL, and it turned into some little low rise hipsters.  Her diapered butt didn’t fit very well in the back...  
I bought the shoes at the thrift store as well.  (shoes and shirt were $1 each!)  They were white, and I spray painted them orange for little penguin feet.  Did you know you could spray paint shoes?  I learned that from Dana at MADE.
I made the bow tie out of a fat quarter from my stash.  I basically just sewed the ends of a long, thin rectangle together, then used a smaller rectangle around the middle to make it into a bow.  The part around the neck is a casing with elastic in it and it fastens with velcro.
The top hat is made out of purple craft foam, which I found, once again, at the thrift store, and purple felt from my stash.  It took two pieces of foam to make the hat.  I used the first piece to cut a circle for the brim, then cut the middle out of it.  WIth the second piece, I first decided how tall I wanted it, then cut down the long way to that width.  I rolled it up so the ends touched and used a large quilting needle threaded with thin purple ribbon to sew the ends together.  Then I sewed the hat to the brim.  I cut a circle out of felt and sewed it around the top of the hat with the ribbon.  I poked some holes in the hat part and attached some elastic to hold the hat on mini’s head.  
And that’s that!  Another easy costume.  It’s hard to think of her as maniacal in that tutu, though.


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Life in Rehab said...

We did the same tutu for my daughter to girlify Pikachu. That little pudgemuffin is the cutest penguin ever!

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