Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Project 7: the mighty pen.

This is my final project from the “Primary Shop.”  And I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite.  Even though it’s so ridiculously easy it’s comical.  
I started out with several dollar store journals of various sizes.  I decorated them with scrapbook paper and different tissue paper designs (the same way I did this project and this one).  I used mod podge.

For some of them, I decorated inside the covers as well.  

Now that is pretty boring, I’ll admit.  But what made me really like this project were the matching pens I made!
First, take the pen apart.

Measure how long you need the paper strip to be.  Just lay your pen down on the paper and make a mark. 

(It needs to reach from the end of the pen to just above where the "grip" part towards the tip begins.)
Then roll the pen to measure how wide you need the paper to be.  
Cut your rectangle out.

Pop off the flat end of the pen.
Roll the paper up and 

slip it inside.  
Snap the end back on and put the pen back together.
Voila!  Matching pen and journal set!  I think these pens are super cute.  You could personalize pens any way you want to!  Names, inside jokes, phrases, pictures and designs, or you could do something like this.  

And that’s it!  A week of working my bum off on some easy as pie projects.  Thank goodness the kids liked them!


Anonymous said...

oooooooh, that's so cute! journals are cute, but the pens! i heart the pens! so clever!

Anonymous said...

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Bree said...

You're right, the pen thing is ridiculously easy, but genius! I never would have even thought about doing that! Right now I'm sitting here at work, wishing I had some pretty paper to put in my pens. :)

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