Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crafting and Sewing With Yarn with Elizabeth from Simple Simon and Company

Today Elizabeth from Simple Simon and Co. is here and I'm so excited. I've been a big fan of Elizabeth and LiZ and adore their amazing tutorials - especially all of their cute girly clothes. You've got to see the ideas Elizabeth is sharing today!


Hi everyone! I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sisters' in law who blog at Simple Simon and Company and I am excited to be here today to celebrate all things yarn! You see, my history with yarn goes wayyyyy back. I grew up with a mom who crocheted and a grandmother who knit me the most beautiful sweaters to wear when I was younger. So, I loved yarn. I would keep their scraps and make little doll beds out of yarn and my grandma Lova would teach my sister and I how to make little yarn dolls on lazy Sunday afternoons at her house. And I remember holding my hands up for what seemed like hours while she would yarn around and around into perfect little bundles. Unfortunately I didn't get the crocheting or knitting gene....but you can also use yarn in sewing projects!!!

yarn collage

Here are some examples of how we love to use yarn in different sewing and crafting projects. Top Row: Spring Yarn Garland, Cross-Stitched Shirt Middle Row: Hostess Cupcake Skirt, Pom Pom Hairclips Bottom Row: How to sew Yarn onto a Skirt, Spider Web Skirt One thing people have asked is how these "yarn skirts" wash up and the answer is AWESOME! We usually wash them in the normal cycle and then lay them out to dry (although they have accidentally gone through the dryer and have come out just fine) and they have been worn and worn and worn!

Thanks Kimberly for having us here today! Elizabeth and liZ


I've been wanting to try some yarn sewing projects myself.  These are just the inspiration I need!  Thanks Elizabeth!

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Thanks Kimberly for inviting us!!

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