Friday, April 11, 2014

A Yarntastic Shirt Refashion with Lisa from Grey Luster Girl

Our guest today has SKILLZ people.  Lisa throws a mean party, gives old clothes new life, whips up cute crafts out nothing... she's like a crafty superwoman.  When I finally discovered her blog - Grey Luster Girl - a few years ago, I realized I'd been pinning like ALL of her stuff without even knowing it... ha!  She's got a super cute idea for you today!


Crochet Yarn collar shirt refashion

Hello! I am Lisa and I blog over at Grey Luster Girl. I like to refashion clothes, cook (mostly bake because who doesn't love dessert!) throw parties and pretty much make whatever DIY project I can. When Kimberly asked me to be a part of her Yarn it All series, I immediately said yes. Then I started thinking... what in the world am I going to do with yarn?! I am a begining crochet-er at best and it takes me a REALLY long time to crochet anything. Usually my hats are too small and the shoes I crochet aren't the same size. So my yarn skills may be a little rusty but my refashion skills are doing alright. I thought if I could combine yarn with a refashion, then I may just be able to pull off a cute DIY yarn project after all.

Crochet collar shirt refashion

I started by taking in a men's shirt. If you need help taking in a big shirt you can check out this post I did. After I took it in I cut off the collar. I followed the tutorial from New Stitch a Day on How to Crochet a Circle and Picot Edging. Using a G hook, I followed the instructions which called for me to start a chain in multiples of 5 plus 1. I crocheted until my chain went the length of my collar. It ended up being 56. If I were to do it again I think I would do 61 stitches. I followed the tutorial. It was not perfect but I tried my best. I pinned the yarn collar onto the shirt and sewed it on with my sewing machine. I didn't sew every piece, just the outline of the crocheted part.

Crochet Collar Before and After

So far it has held up well! I have even washed it and it still looks like new.

Yarn Crochet Collar Refashion

Thanks for having me Kimberly! If you want to see more of my refashions and DIY projects, stop by my blog !

Thanks Lisa!  What a super cute way to spruce up a boring t!  Gotta love all of her upcycled ideas!

Keep linking your yarn projects!  We've got just over a week left!

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