Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yarn Bracelets (Kids Can Make) with Kim from A Girl and a Glue Gun

Today's guest is a fave blogger of mine and I'm excited to have her here - her yarn craft is awesome and the perfect  boredom buster for those weird spring days that turn into a blizzards and ice storms - I know that's not just Wisconsin?  Anyway, here's Kim!

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Hi! super excited to be here! I love yarn and i love the name Kim (my name is kim! ha! I blog at a girl and a glue gun)
so it's a match made in heaven!yarn bracelets-- kid craft
Last time my sister came up we made these fun yarn bracelets her son had made for a school fundraiser! They are super easy and we had a blast making them!
Here's what you need....A cardboard circle (we cut ours out of a back of a used notebook) with a whole in the middle and 8 notches around it.
and 7 ten inch strips of yarn tied into a knot (we bought yarn that is multicolored...)
you are going to pop the knot through the hole.
(this is the backside now)
then you take a string and put them each in a notch
here's the how to...
you have one empty spot (8 notches...7 strings...) you find your empty spot...count 3 spaces over. Take that string out and move it the to empty spot.
yarn bracelet how to
Then you have a new empty spot...(where you took out the 3rd string)
so count three over and move the string to the empty notch and repeat and repeat and repeat!!!
you will start building a braid underneath--(you will have to pull it down every once in awhile!)
and once it gets long enough you just take off from the cardboard and tie it onto your wrist
yarn bracelets a girl and a glue gun
yarn bracelets

thanks to bugaboo for letting me crash her yarn party!

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Love it!  A must do on Spring break, if you ask me.  Thanks, Kim!

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Sharlyn said...

Fun! My 9 YO will love this!

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