Monday, April 14, 2014

fun and unique uses for yarn!

As I've scoured the web and pinterest for fun yarn ideas, I've encountered quite a few that don't really fall into a specific craft category.  I've rounded up crochet and knitting ideas.  I've rounded up craft ideas.  But some ideas fall into a no-man's-land of neither or both or more. 

This round up is all about fun, unique, clever and creative uses for yarn - some of it's craft or crochet related.  But all of these tricks and tips are things I hadn't really found until now, OR are just plain USEFUL.  If you're creative in any way, I guarantee at least ONE of these 29 clever ideas and uses for yarn will be right up your alley.

1. Yarn Hair Braid - A Beautiful Mess
2. Braided Extension Cords - Design Sponge
3. Stamp - Print and Pattern
4. Use Plastic Canvas to Weave Flowers - Crafts Unleashed
5. Embroidery Hoop Weaving - Living Crafts
6. Nest Builder - Green Bee
7. Embroidered Gift Wrap - A Little Empty Room
8. Crochet with Pipe Cleaners for Structure - Taraduff's Crochet and Other Stuff

1. Macrame Bands - Macrame
2. Seaming Your Work - Aesthetic Nest
3. Natural Dyes - ever green knits
4. Sun-Dyed Yarn - Natural Suburbia
5. Kool-aid Dyed Yarn - Sculpt University
6. Frogging (a way to easily fix knitting mistakes) - Knitty
6-again-sorry-apparently-I-can't-count. Solomon's Knot - enrHedando
7. Nub and Loop Stitch - NeedleNoodles
8. Soften Yarn - A Girl and her Needle
9. Chain Loop Fringe - Crochet Spot

1. Glass Jars - Getting Some Fun Out Of Life
3. Vintage Suitcase - Heart Handmade UK
4. Magazine Files - Laughing Purple Goldfish
5. Glass Canisters with Chalkboard Labels - Raising Up Rubies for Funky Junk Interiors
6. Wood Wine Rack - Repeat Crafter Me
7. Gumball Machine - The Fiction We Love

1. Yarn-themed Baby Shower - Inspired By This
2. Crocheted Yarn Party - Cute Cottage Overload
3. Yarn Detailed Baby Boy Showed - The Pleated Poppy
4. Yarn Ideas for Weddings (tons of cute ideas) - UCreate Parties

Hopefully you've been as inspired as I have this time around!  There's more to come throughout the week as I share my own yarn ideas.  Thanks for joining the yarn fun!

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