Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Headbands with Ana from Lanas de Ana

Today's guest is Ana from Lanas de Ana.  Her blog is chock full of yarn-y goodness - like this gorgeous purple infinity scarf or this super cute scallop-y Clam Shell Tote.  She's sharing with us an adorable baby headband that makes me kind of want a baby girl just so I can make my mom make her some.  Kidding, kidding.  


Cotton yarn (fine or fingerling #2), just a small amount 
Crochet needle No. 3 mm
1 elastic band for pony tails
Sewing needle to attach the flower on the band

* Start with 7 chains (for a wider band, use 9 chains). These chains will serve as the foundation, in preparation to cast on the elastic band on the next row.

Row 1> Make one more chain, and then insert the needle in the 2nd chain from hook. Pass the needle below the elastic band, pick the yarn and finish the stitch on top of the elastic band. Repeat 6 more times. (Total: 7 st)

Row 2> 3 chains (counts as first dc). Make dc over the sc´s below (Total: 7 st)

Row 3> Chain 3 (counts as first dc). Make 1 dc in the space in between the dc´s below. Repeat in every space. (Total: 7 dc’s)

Row 4 and up> Repeat row 3 until you reach the desired length 

Last row> Finish with a row of sc’s, casting them on to the other side of the elastic band. Be careful not to twist.

Finally, decorate with a crochet flower, and sew it on the band, close to the top.

I love these!  Check out her Spring version as well!  Ana's instructions on her blog are in Spanish as well.  There's also a chart of suggested sizes.
It makes me want to learn this very foreign language called crochet...
Thanks, Ana!

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Ana BC said...

Thank you for the feature, Kimberly! I hope your readers will find it helpful :-)

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