Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mini Easter Baskets - with Ashley from Cherished Bliss

I love Ashley's blog, Cherished Bliss.  It's been a favorite read of mine ever since Yarn it all 2012 when she linked up her yarn tote and I featured it!  She's got some amazing ideas, tutorials, recipes and more, so don't miss out on that!  Today she's sharing an adorable idea for Easter fun that can extend throughout the year!


Cherished Bliss IntroHi Everyone! Ashley here from Cherished Bliss! I am so excited to be part of the Yarn it All Series : ) Easter is coming and I made these little baskets for my kids last year to decorate with. I think they got a little jealous that I was playing with all the Easter decor ; ) They had a blast carrying these around, and they make great toys throughout the year. We still play with them! Mini Crochet Easter Baskets These are seriously the easiest things ever to make. A great beginner project once you know your basic stitches. So I don’t have an exact pattern for these since I just whipped them up real quick, but I can give you a simple little tutorial. Please note: This is a tutorial on how I completed the project, not an actual pattern. How to make a Mini Crochet Easter Basket Basket: -ch 3, sl st to join. -dc in loop with as many stitches as you wish. -Then just keep increasing around until you get the diameter that you want. -Once you are happy with your diameter and sl st your final st, ch 2, and dc in the front loop of each stitch. This will give you the sides of the basket. Keep double crocheting until you are happy with the height. -Once you sl st your last stitch don’t fasten off. Next you will make the handle. Handle: -ch 2, dc in next two stitches, turn repeat. Keep going until you are happy with the size of the handle and sl st to the other side of your basket. That’s it! : ) Now you can enjoy these fun little mini Easter Baskets! I made a shell stitch basket for my daughter that was a little more "girly" you can find that pattern over on my blog HERE. Mini Crochet Easter Egg Baskets And here are the rest of my crochet projects... brace yourself, there are lots < -- Not really, there are 4, haha. But I'm hoping to spend some time crocheting over the summer while I watch my kids run in circles at the park! : )
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My kids love baskets of any kind - these would be a big hit around here to carry all sorts of fun treasures... hot wheels, loopsies, squinkies, rocks... the usual.
I might have to take up crochet.

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