Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A very healthy dessert.

I love dessert.  Oh, you knew that already?  OK.  Well, here's a secret.  Even though I love making crazy cupcakes and sweating over the awesomest bars and cookies ever, sometimes - just sometimes - I really like easy desserts.  Tasty; so tasty you can pretend it's gourmet; but deceptively simple.

Yep, just like this.  Banana Nutella Eggrolls.  I first saw these pinned on pinterest, and for some reason can't locate the original source.  If it's you, I apologize.

If you like nutella (you know, like you secretly pull out a spoon when everyone else has gone to bed) and want the illusion of healthy (you know, like tasty bananas), then this dessert is for you:

Serve them up warm and they are gooey, melty and super duper tasty.

Don't forget a little powdered sugar, can't go wrong with that.

Now, go cook up some super healthy goodness.  

By the way, I know it's not Monday, I haven't entirely lost my mind.  I've just come really, really close.
Any advice for me from multitasking mom's of multiple kids to help insure my head doesn't explode?  Thanks in advance.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you use canola oil? It's super unhealthy!
I'd rather use any peanut oil, or sunflower seed oil...


Tracy King said...

This sounds so delicious! I wish I had some nutella, guess I will have to add it to my grocery list :)

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