Thursday, November 14, 2013


Last year I realized I'd sold both of my fall wreaths (which you can see at the bottom of this post) and I needed a new one.  Since I'd decided to cut out about 60 gabazillion felt leaves for a garland, and had a ton left over, this wreath was almost a no-brainer.  I mentioned in the garland post how much I loved the bright colors mixed with the muted colors - and thus, I call this wreath:

And it's easy.  Ready?  Here's what you'll need:
1. Three different neutral colors of burlap - I used brown, tan and off-white.  Cut one color into wide strips, another color into medium strips, and the last color into skinny strips.
2. Cut out a bunch of different leaf shapes in different colors of felt.
3. Styrofoam wreath form.
4. Scissors.
Also, a hot glue gun, which isn't pictured.

1. Put a thin squirt of hot gluon the back of the wreath form.  
2. Lay the end of a wide strip of burlap on the hot glue.  
3. Wrap it around the wreath, and glue the other end down to the wreath form.
4. Put some hot glue down on the end of the burlap and over onto the wreath form.  Lay down another wide strip of burlap, overlapping the previous strip.
5. Wrap this strip all around the wreath and glue the other end down.
6. Continue this until the wreath is covered in burlap.

 7. Take your medium burlap strips and wrap them around the wreath in the same manner as the wide burlap strips, making sure to leave gaps so you can see the other color beneath.
8. Take your skinny burlap strips and do this same thing once again, leaving gaps so you can see the previous two colors of burlap strips.
9. Use hot glue to secure a felt leaf or two to the front of the wreath.
10. And keep gluing down leaves to the front of the wreath, overlapping them, wrapping them, turning them, bunching them, randomly as far as colors and shapes.  Cover between 1/4 to 1/2 of the wreath with leaves.  

Done!  See how easy that is?  Just take a strip of burlap, tie it around, hang 'er up.


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