Monday, November 18, 2013

Yummy Thanksgiving

Today's Yummy Monday is dedicated to Thanksgiving!  Yea!  I've decided to repost a few of my Thanksgiving staples with printable recipe cards.  That way you'll be all set with some great new (or not so new?) recipes next week.

I was always under the impression that I hated cranberry sauce.  My first Thanksgiving away from home proved me wrong, however.  I realized that I'd never HAD real cranberry sauce because my grandpa LOVED the weird gelatinous goop from a can... I'd had no idea it could be so good.  I also didn't like turkey AT ALL until I put this cranberry sauce on it.  I'd also like to mention, for mr's sake, that he is partially responsible for this recipe.  It's based in chemistry, see, because my Mom IL needed to know what would counteract the tartness and mr said something acidic was necessary.  There you go.  An everyday application for chemistry.  In case any of your kids are wondering.

The stuffing recipe is one I made up about three years ago and mr has asked for it ever since.  He and I both like our stuffing a little more on the “dry” side.  I can’t stand super mushy stuffing... it’s a consistency thing.  So here’s the version I made up.  It’s chicken stuffing, but jazzed up.

But we all know what you're really here for.  The best part of any dinner - but especially THANKSGIVING dinner - is the dessert.  Pie.  Bars.  Cobbler.  I can't wait.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, you might be interested in these posts.  The first one is particularly informative, especially if you're making the turkey this year for the first time.

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