Friday, November 8, 2013

The one where I pretend to be a photographer.

A few weeks ago, I finally set out to take some "real" pictures of the new guy.  I'd been collecting ideas about newborn shoots on pinterest for months.  And while mine are definitely not professional (I totally should have ironed the blankets and sheets...) I think they turned out fairly well.

I collected a few things - some from the basement, some from the thrift store, some crafted - and started making mental notes about the blankets and outfits I'd use.  It basically consumed me for much longer than it should have. 

I realized anew with this shoot that I should not take photos of my own kids.  The older two pretend to not be able to hear or understand me, while this little cutie only wanted to be in my arms or eating.  So not only did prep consume me for too long, but the actual shoot took FOR.EV.ER.

I don't think I need to warn you that there are too many photos in this post.  

But really, look at those sleepy eyes.  That cute little hand.  Those delicious little cheeks and that perfect nose!  Look at those adorable bear ears!!

Speaking of bear ears, this is when I tell you that I received the awesomest little "welcome baby" envelop from my super sweet friend and separated at birth twin, Shannon from Googiemomma.

In it was this soft, sweet bear hat that made me squeal a little when I saw it.

Not only that, she also crocheted this double breasted pea coat sweater with wood buttons.  Double breasted!  With wood buttons!!  It's like she's in my head, or something.  I love that the buttons are ovals, not circles.  It's the little details like that that I seriously love.

AND.  She didn't stop there.  Oh no.  She also made this way cute snuggly swaddler thing that's adjustable because it buttons up.  It's her own pattern.  HER OWN PATTERN PEOPLE.  You can read her explanation here.

I can't get over it.  For real.  I mean, he's pretty adorable on his own, right?

But this?  I die.

It's no secret at all that he's got me wrapped around his tiny little finger.

He's got my number, no denying.  He loves to cuddle.  Loves to be scooped up in a tiny little squishy ball against my chest and just loved on.  And I buy into it.  Oh, do I.

That squishy face?  Sigh.

This hat was made on the eve of his birth.  Along with about 20 others.  It's perfectly normal to sew while in labor, right?  Just to take your mind off things...

For some reason I feel like these pictures make him look a lot bigger than he is.  He's grown so much - as is inevitable that whole first year and all.  But his little legs and arms are the skinniest toothpicks I've ever seen on a baby.  There is no chub at all - just these little chicken legs sticking out of newborn pants that are too wide for him...

I love it.  He's just a little pip squeak.  That's his nickname, by the way.  Pip.  Or Squeak.  Or Pip Pip.  Just so you know what we're referring to him as around here.

My oldest was a good baby.  My daughter was a bit more difficult.  This baby?  He is so peaceful and calm.  He's been that way since birth.

Don't get me wrong.  He still has his moments.  Whoa, baby.  Usually involving food.

But I am more and more convinced every day that we named him accurately.  Axel - "Father of peace."

He's starting to smile.  I nearly have fits every time I see it.

Doesn't it seem as if he's staring into your heart?  This baby loves me.  I mean, I can tell.  He really, honestly loves me.  

I mean, I know all kids love their moms and dads, right?  But I can see it in his eyes.

My dear mom made this sweet lamby, which we've named "Baabaa".  She also made him a number of blankets.  I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been wrapped around that tiny finger.  That one, right there.

His brother and sister love him, too.  They want to watch him, hug him, touch him, constantly.  Although bug is convinced that he cries too much.

Funny, since for a newborn, he really doesn't cry all that much at all.

These three.

I sure do love them.

You know what I find so amazing?  How you can love three different people so much... 

and so differently.  Love them the same amount, but in entirely different ways.

I can't describe it, and I'm not generally at a loss for words.

I want to slow down this early period.  This perfect time when he is in love with me and wants to be near me and depends on me.  This teeny tiny time that's so... teeny tiny.

I know that all too soon he'll sprout teeth and start crawling.  Then he'll be running around and I'll have to comb his hair.  He'll grow out of his tiny newborn clothes.  He'll tell me he doesn't want sit in my lap and cuddle.

And even more unfortunately, he'll start talking back.

You know, like the other two do.  
So for now, I'll hold tight to this face.  Those hands, these cheeks...  

I'll tickle his feet.  I'll overwhelm him with kisses.  I'll hold.  Grasp.  Cling.  I'll take lessons from him, when he grabs my finger or grasps my hands close to his chest.

I couldn't resist showing you some outtakes.  bug and mini kill me, honestly.  Look at these two.

He tried to eat the blanket as soon as I put him down... this might be one of my favorites.

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alisamm said...

So freaking cute.

Michelle L. said...

Your Pip Pip shots are fabulous, K! Esp love the one with the alphabet blocks. He is the sweetest teeny tiny!

Unknown said...

Kim--congrats. He really truly is a beautiful baby. And I'm seriously not a person who can lie about that. I'd say his eyes are so blue or his hands so sweet or his tush so pinchable. And that's all true, but he's just gorgeous besides ;) I'm so glad you liked the things I sent. I'm sorry the peacoat owas small, I thought it looked tiny--but it's been a while since I had a newborn!! Ha! Sad :( but ha! I'm just glad you're getting use out of the hat and swaddled thingy! And don't worry...I still have the dress pattern for next time... MWAHAHAHAHA

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