Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Soda-Lightful!

Ready for another installment of cheap and easy hostess type gifts??

This one might be my favorite idea of the bunch.  Along with being cheap and easy, it requires such little time you'll feel almost guilty giving it for a present.
I'm under the impression that it's customary to bring some sort of wine for the hostess of a party - particularly a dinner party.  However, we (hubby and I) don't drink alcohol.  And neither does anyone in my family.  And I can't believe we're the only people in the world this applies to.  So, I have a twist on the old wine standby.

So, let's get started!

Obviously, the amount of fancy soda you include in each box depends on the size of the box you get.  I had two different sizes I was using, and I think I prefer the look of the smaller box overall, though both are cute.

First, take the labels off your soda. 
Print out your soda labels and your gift tag.
Put some double sided tape on the back of the soda label.
Stick it around the soda bottle and stick the ends with washi tape in coordinating colors for cuteness and added security.

Do this with all your soda bottles.  Is it weird that I chose soda for their colors and not their flavors?  I really wanted everything to be green, red and turquoise.  I made the labels in picmonkey, where else?  If you choose the same flavors as me, I have free printable labels for you!  

Now, take paper straws - one for each bottle - and tie them together with twine.
Put your soda bottles in the box and stick the straws down in the center.

Use the decorative clothespin to clip on your gift tag.
And there you have it!

Here's the larger red box all ready.

The Deets:
Polka dot box - Target; $1
Red box - Dollar store; $1
Bakers twine - Walmart; $1 for a small package
Scissors - on hand
Sparkle mini clothespins - Target; $1
Double-Sided tape - Walmart; $1.92
Washi Tape - Joanne's, Walmart, Target; .99 for one, about $3 for two pack
Paper straws - Target; $1 per pack
Fancy Soda - $3.99 per 4 pack
Labels and gift tag - FREE!  Right here in this post!  Just right click and download!

Total: About $12 for two boxes, with lots of materials left over for other projects or more boxes!

About 5 or 6 minutes for one box.  Seriously.

So.  Cheap.  Easy.  Super minimal time effort.  And ADORABLE!
Here are your free labels.

And just in case you're not using this for a hostess gift, but rather just for a gift gift, I made another gift tag for you as well.  One for hostess intentions, one for normal gift purposes - Thanksgiving or Christmas, it doesn't matter!  They're perfect for the entire holiday season right now!

Sure to be a hit!

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