Monday, November 11, 2013

Sick of pumpkin?

Then how about peach?

Alright, I realize that peaches are mainly a summer fruit, but this recipe uses frozen!  So you can make it all year long!

Mr, who spent two years in Germany on a mission for our church, claims this kuchen is less than authentic.  BUT I have it on good authority - aka a google search for authentic German kuchen recipes - that it is.

So who's right I ask you?  mr, or the lady who posted her great grandma's recipe online?  And more importantly, does it matter?  Really?  When it's this tasty, I don't think so.  You try it and let me know.

I've changed a few things, so the recipe below is the way I make it now.

mr says it's also pretty common to use pears, apples or raspberries in kuchen.  I guess he'd know...  (I have made it with raspberries and it's pretty delicious)

I strongly suggest adding this guy to your go-to dessert rotation.  It's not super difficult and the result is well worth the effort.


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