Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My first ever Halloween "mantel"

We have no fireplace, and therefore no mantel (in my next house, I swear...)   BUT, I do have a super large piano.  It was free and eventually I'd like me and the kids to take lessons (and I swear I'm gonna paint it, someday)... but in the meantime, it just kind of sits here; out of tune and... well, large.  I've never really changed up the decor on top, but now that it's front and center in our living room (we rearranged things a bit) I realized it was the perfect place to decorate for the holidays.

For my first Halloween mantel, I created:

And guess what.  I did it without buying a thing.  These are all common (or very inexpensive) Halloween decorations you may already have coupled with various decor items I've collected from thrift stores. 

Want to create a similar look?  I'll tell you how I did it!

Firstly, the centerpiece here is really the Bone Wreath I made, which is set up on an easel so I didn't have to put any holes in the wall.  
I kept to a black, white, orange and green color scheme, with some natural browns in the old leather and wood elements.

1.  I'll likely use my spray painted chevron vases for most holiday decor - I purposely used white so they'd go with any holiday.  In one I put a bunch of mini "human" skulls.
2. To go along with the quotes I created and printed out, I set out my antique leather bound Complete Works of Shakespeare.  The bottom book is a bible, but I think it looks like an old grammereye.  I bound them with green and white twine.
3.  I wrapped a few of my large books with drawing paper and washi tape in lime, black, white and orange.  I stacked the bone wreath on top of them.
4.  This huge frog was obviously the victim of a curse... likely a rival witch from a different coven.  Plus, it brought in the green color nicely.
5.  Here's another chevron vase.  I wrapped some styrofoam balls in black yarn and put them in.  I had two of the green frames - they are actually black shelves I bought at Hobby Lobby a long time ago, I just sprayed them green and used them for height and interest.  Then, obviously, I had to add another full size human skull and a rat.  Very witchy.
6.  Got this wire basket at a thrift store - I used it for my snack basket at first.  I put in some black wool and lace fabric and added yet another skull and a green apple.
7.  My very favorite witch quote from Macbeth.  I created a printable and framed in with an old frame I spray painted.
8.  I stacked the frame on a mini wood crate which I spray painted orange.  I had three glass votive holders so I placed a spider in each and stacked them up.
9.  Got this tiny wood cage at the thrift store.  I'm not sure what this witch was keeping in there, but she obviously already used it in a spell.
10.  A prized poison apple preserved nicely in a cloche for later use. *insert evil cackle*

I brought in the orange with a few mini pumpkins in the last chevron vase and a small pumpkin down on the lower part of the piano.  There were a few other witch quotes from MacBeth that I really like, so I printed those out too and displayed them down below.

 And there you have it.  All the elements you need for a very witchy mantle.  

Oh, yes.  I almost forgot.  If you're looking for something easy to quickly pop up to round out your Halloween display, I've got you covered.  Here are some Halloweeny printables for you to use in your witch-related decor!  

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