Saturday, June 25, 2011

YOU know how to picnic! Take two.

You guys!  Have you looked at that awesome picnic linky yet?  Go check it out.  It's magnificent... full of beautiful pictures, lovely ideas, awesome inspiration!!!  It is ridiculously hard to pick things to feature, because I really love it all, so I had to arbitrarily limit myself to three per feature post, or this thing would go on forever and people would get sick of reading it.  

Ok.  Here we go.
Rescued Patio Chairs by Sugar Bee Crafts

Who the heck WOULDN'T want to sit on these while eating a delicious picnic?!?  Honestly.  Anything would taste good on those.  But THESE would be especially tasty:

Raspberry Macaroons by u

The ribbon, the polka dots, the pink!!  I can't get over this cute presentation... wouldn't your backyard picnic look and taste incredible if you made these?  Everyone would be so impressed.  They'd be even MORE impressed when you showed up dressed like this:

Sailor Inspired Dress by Welcome to the gOOd Life.

Um.  Yes.  That's a ridiculously cute sailor dress - I do believe that qualifies as proper picnic attire.  And furthermore, she made that dress up.  Like without a pattern or tutorial made it up.  Skills, I tell ya!

I'd be thrilled if you grabbed a featured button from yours truly:

<center><a href=""><img src="" /></center>

So go check out what other goodies are waiting at the party!  And don't forget to link your own picnic-type ideas!  I'll make it easy, and put that awesome party right here in this post:

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!

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Mindie Hilton said...

Thanks for the linky and again for my fun balloon wreath. Tuesday I am posting my 4th of july fun so you should check it out because I give you a shout out, if you want too. Have a great week.

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