Sunday, June 5, 2011

The one where it's Summer - ALREADY???

Ahem.  It has come to my attention that I stay up too late.  Quick photos - snapshot linky tomorrow - sorry for inconvenience - some news later - possible giveaway WEEK coming??? - I'm falling asleep.

Hot, Hot, Hot
Today called for sprinklers and hoses.  It was ridiculously hot for June.  But I loved it.
Finding Form
One of my favorite flowers.  Love the curves and depth.
Front Page of the News
Well, it's not going to make front page news (anywhere but here, anyway) but did I mention IT'S HOT - like record setting for June!  (Usually we get a week of this in August and that's IT.)
I laid on the floor all lazy and thought to myself:  Wow, I need to vacuum... I really need to straighten up... I should fold that blanket and put it back... are the dishes done?... I REALLY need to vacuum... But I didn't.  I just watched this cute interaction going on next to me instead.
Oh, wait.  That didn't say BEDS??  Just kidding, I knew it said "beads."  But I got nothing.  Just me hiding my head in shame.  Like this photo.  Headless.  Also like this photo, I am tired.  I'm already snoring...


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Cedar said...

Ha! Love your be(a)ds! I had trouble with that prompt :)

Your chore shot is my favorite--such a great angle!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love your take on hot hot hot - what a great way to cool off!

Julia said...

I love your photos. I know about the staying up too late thing. I do it too, and then I'm always sorry the next day.
I haven't thanked you properly for the yarn wreath. It arrived just before I went out of town and I haven't been back on line too much since then. My husband has confiscated his camera, again. Imagine him thinking he should use his own work camera as a real estate agent, when I need to take pictures of things for my blog.
I love the wreath, though, and will post about it soon.

scrapinbabygal said...

Love your photos especially the chore one!! That is so me! Have a wonderful week!

MPE by Irela said...

Great shots and your Beds (aahh beads) made me cute. Have a great week.

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