Thursday, December 5, 2013

Super Duper Easy Shmeezy Christmas-y Type Craft.

Here's an easy little project for your Christmas decor.  (Because all I can manage right now is easy.)

Nothing to it, really.  You probably don't even need me to talk you through this, the pictures really say it all.

You need:
A short pillar candle
Hot glue gun 
Decorative Cinnamon Sticks

And here you go.
1. Break your cinnamon sticks off so they are about the height of your candle - they don't all need to be the same, some shorter or taller is ok.
2. Take your hot glue and glue the sticks on the candle one at a time.
3. Try to place the sticks randomly so that the height of the sticks vary around the candle.  Place them touching each other.
4. Glue them all around the candle.
5.  Wrap twine around the whole thing and tie it in a knot.

Voila!  Cinnamon candle!

I used it on my Thanksgiving mantel, but I'm going to reuse it in my Christmas decor too.  Probably in a centerpiece.

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