Friday, December 13, 2013

Another wreath.

I don't need to tell you how much I love to make wreaths... You obviously know that from here.  And here.  And obviously, here.

I originally made an ornament wreath a few years ago, using the wire hanger technique.  It lasted for the season but didn't store well (probably because I didn't use much care) and I wanted to update it.  

Here's my more modern take on the ornamental wreath from years ago:

You need:
An 8x10 thick wooden frame spray painted your choice of color
Lots of ball ornaments in your choice of colors and in assorted sizes
Some jingle bells in your choice of color and in assorted sizes
Hot glue gun

1. Take your twine and loop it under the frame, 
2.  at the top of the frame in the middle, pulling the ends through tightly.
3.  Begin gluing your ornaments to the frame with the hot glue.  
4.  Do the corners first, 
5.  to make sure the frame is even, not lopsided, balanced.
6.  Use the large balls on the corners.  Double them up if you need to in order to balance things.
7.  Start adding other balls around the sides.
8.  Hot glue to the frame, and to the other balls to make sure they're secure.
9.  Continue doing this, placing the colors and sizes at random.
10.  Fill up the frame.
11.  Once the entire frame is full, look around and see if there are any blank spots or lopsided areas.
12.  Fill in the big blank areas with balls.  Balance out the frame.
13.  If you see smaller blank areas,
14.  fill them in with jingle bells.
15.  Continue to glue on jingle bells.  You can glue them on top as well.
16.  Make sure everything is filled in.
17.  Add a bit of hot glue to the twine on the back of the frame, just to make it extra secure.
18.  Tie some jingle bells to the twine you've tied around the frame, so they hang down in the middle.
And there you have it.  Hang and enjoy!  Please ignore the unintentional and completely unavoidable selfie.

Yea!  Fun wreath!

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Creative Raisins said...

That is so awesome I love how full it is and the hanging bells finish it off nicely

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