Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Because I'm washi obsessed.

I've got a super easy idea for you this time around... and it (once again) involves candles... They're just so easy to make festive.

Today's candle gift idea:

You'll need:
SMALL baby food jars
Washi tape
Tea lights.  Either the real kind, or the flameless battery operated kind.
Spray paint.  Not pictured.  Whoops.

I feel kind of stupid spelling this out for you... the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.  But as I don't want to put myself out of a job:
1. Wash the baby food jars really well and remove the labels.  I recommend good gone.  Great for label removal.
2. For the real tea lights, you'll decorate the jar itself.  Wrap washi tape around the jar.
3. DONE!
4. For the fake tea lights, wrap the washi tape around the actual candle.  Place it in the jar.
5. Spray paint the baby food jar lids.  Add glitter if you want.

 Now, you just slip them in a clear plastic favor bag, fold the top over a few times, staple or tape it shut and add the label, which you just fold over the top of the bag, sandwiching it before securing.

The Deets:

Baby Food Jars - on hand, or on someone else's hand.  You can buy them.  But you should really check around first.  FREE
Fake tea lights - dollar store; $1 for two pack
real tea lights - dollar store; $1 for 6 pack
washi tape - walmart, joanne's; anywhere from .99 - $2.49 ish

Uh, like negligible.  Maybe 5 minutes?  Something like that.

I had the jars and the tape.  Wait.  I had the tea lights too.  A FREE GIFT!

And, in case you need a little printable tag action for your very own tea light holders:

One thing I like a lot about this gift is that it's so simple kids can do it by themselves.  Not that they'll be giving out a lot of hostess gifts, but maybe for their teachers?  Cute!

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