Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Making Spirits B"Write"!

Alright folks. This is my second to last super easy and inexpensive hostess gift idea.  I actually don't know if I'll get to my very last one, since it's getting ridiculously close to Christmas and I still have gifts to make as well as wrap and I'm pretty sure the rest of my days up until Christmas will be a wild, mad dash to finish.  The kind of wild mad dash that leaves your hair wondering when it last saw shampoo and causes you to be pulling off threads and paper scraps from strange places when you finally do go out in public.
Anyway, here's one more:

Today's gift can really only be considered semi-homemade, since most of the homemade aspect is all in presentation and putting it together.  BUT, that's what makes it so easy!

Aren't you LOVING Target's dollar section right now??  I swear I could totally buy out their entire line of notebooks/cards/pens/paper goods/ribbon/etc. at the moment.  And then keep it instead of giving it away because I love it all too much...
If you're right there with me, you will love these cute little stationary sets comprised almost entirely of things from the Target dollar section.

Let's put it all together!
1.  First, washi tape everything you can washi tape.  I put different designs on the plain envelopes to spruce them up.  I also covered the clothespin.
2.  Gather all your ingredients.
3.  Find some twine or ribbon.
4.  Put the cards/matching envelopes together, stack the plain envelopes on top of the notebook.  Tie them together with ribbon.
5.  Put the bigger items (paper and envelopes) in the big zipper pocket.  
6.  Put the pen, stickers, washi tape, and stamps in the little zipper pocket.
7.  Use the clothespins to attach the tag to the front of the bag.
8.  Done!

Target has such cute cards and notebooks right now!  You could make a turquoise and green set!

Or a super mod metallics and off white set!  (PS, those zipper bags were only $1 for both!)

A simple, cute "thank you for hostessing" gesture!

Here's the deets on the "ingredients":
Those envelopes are just your average small white envelope.  ("but they don't look like your average envelope..." yes.  More on that later.)  I have those on-hand, and you might too, but you can get them pretty much anyway.  I get mine at Walmart usually.
The fun graphic notebook, the "Hello" cards, the brown envelopes, the pen and the zipper bag are all from the Target dollar section.  Holla!
The clothespin is your average wood clothespin.  I had them on-hand.  But you can get them at the dollar store.
The stickers are plain gold star stickers that I cut off the pack of red/green/blue/silver/gold sheets of star stickers.  I only wanted the gold ones so they matched.  I had these on-hand too, but you can buy them almost anywhere.  Walmart.
The washi tape was a two-pack I found at Target in the craft section. 

So, the real breakdown here goes like this.

Cost -
Envelopes; Walmart, about $3 for 100 (I included 8)
Notebook; Target, $1
Clothespin; Dollar Store, $1 for 50 (I included 1)
Washi tape; Target, $2 and some change for 2 (I included 1)
Pen; Target,  $1 for 2 (I included 1)
Star stickers; Walmart, $2.67 for 686 (I used one strip of stars)
Greeting cards and matching envelopes; Target, $1
Zipper Bag; Target, $3

Total for 1 Stationary Set: $6.60 

Woo hoo!  Under $10!  I had the clothespins, envelopes and star stickers on hand, so I spent about $6.00.  

Time - 
About 8 minutes for everything, including printing the printable and putting it all together.

I call that awesome.

If you're looking for something even less intensive (not sure how you can get less intensive than 6 bucks and 8 minutes... but here you go.)  You can simply print out the tag and stick it under the pen on a notebook.  That's about $2 and 2 minutes, so I guess you really can't beat that.

 Colorful, cute, and super functional.  

Want to make your own?  Here are some tags to save you some time!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I love it! So cute and very useful.

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