Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Easy trees.

Have you noticed a trend in my crafting lately?  Namely that they take next to no effort whatsoever?  Like, your average 5 yr old could probably do them?
That's because: 1. It's Christmas time.  I'm usually not even near the blog right now because I'm too busy making gifts I've procrastinated.  The only reason I'm posting crafts this year is because I'm STILL procrastinating.  It's going to be a rough week before Christmas, I'll tell you that.  AND B. My baby does not sleep.  Ever.  Like cat naps, seriously.  When he sleeps for an hour I rejoice.  (No, I really do.  I have a cheer and a dance.  I call it my "he finally slept for more than 15 minutes!" cheer.)  Also, he has decided he must be attached to my person at all times. All of this is totally different from my other two kids and therefore something I'm not used to so it's therefore eating up my time. 

So, enough with the explanation.  The point is, all these Christmasy crafts are EASY!  You can do them in no time flat.  Including this one:

You don't even need a tutorial (once again) but I'm giving you one anyway!  

You need:
Poster board
Felt in your choice of colors
Yarn in your choice of colors
Hot glue gun

1. Make your "tree frame."  Sure, you can use styrofoam cones, but they're so stinking expensive.  And I don't think they come in ginormous.  So.  Buy some poster board, roll it on the diagonal to make a cone-type shape, hot glue it together to secure into said shape, then cut around the bottom to even the base out and make it able to stand.  Bam.  A tree frame.
2. (not pictured, sorry) Cut a strip of felt twice as wide as you want it to be and as long as possible.  Mine were cut at about 4-6 inches wide and, uh, very long.
3. Fold the strip in half the long way (hot dog style) and hot glue the edges together.
4. Make small cuts in the folded edge all along the whole length of the strip.  They look like little loops.
5. Starting at the base of the tree frame, hot glue your strip to the frame.  Secure it by the edge of the strip that doesn't have all the little cuts in it.  Overlap the strip as you wind it around the tree frame so that you cover the edge that is being hot glued down. 

6. When you get to the top, just squeeze the felt together in a kind of flat point.  Do this with all different sizes in your choice of colors.  Fun little loopy, shaggy trees!
7. I will not insult your intelligence by giving you a tutorial for the yarn trees.  Just know that for the turquoise and white one I wrapped the whole poster board tree frame in both strands at once and for the green and white one I wrapped the frame in first white and then green.  The difference is subtle, but it's there.  I used hot glue to secure the ends of the yarn.
8. Decorate with your fun trees to your hearts content.

I know, I know.  They don't have evergreens in Bethlehem.  But I liked this little vignette anyway.  And yes, those pictures have since come down from my wall.  And YES, I need to update them.

I have a little "tutorial" for the cute fluffy lights as well.  Coming up!

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