Friday, April 29, 2011

Hey, look! I haven't disappeared after all!

I have attempted posting no less than three times since we got home from our trip to see family.  Three times.  Every time, something got in the way.  (Something = Mt. Dirty Laundry, Mt. Needs Folded & Ironed Laundry and, of course Google Reader.  Gosh I hate that thing.  Not really.  I love it.  But not when I leave and come back to over 1000 posts to read...)

I decided this was it.  I have to post something.  Anything.  Even if I have nothing interesting to say at all.  Because if I don't, this brief hiatus could go on forever, and then I'd be depressed.  (You know, when you get out of the habit of your good habits, then you turn to bad habits instead, then you feel guilty, blah, blah, blah...)

And so.  I bring you a special edition of "Tales From the Crib" - which is my normal Friday ritual.  What's "Tales From the Crib" you ask?  Well, aside from last week, I hadn't done it in a while, so you may not know the drill.  If not, look here.  Then look here.  Because "Things My Two Year Old Taught Me" morphed into "Tales From the Crib" in the beginning of January - so I could include both my daughter and my son - neither of whom are two.  I thought the change was appropriate.  

Without further ado.  TWO tales from the crib.

Lesson one:

Everything is better with a bright pink frou frou dress.  


Especially when that bright pink frou frou dress has a mate.

And a matching boy-counterpart as well.

Lesson two:

"Mommy, look!  An airplane!"

"Yep.  It sure is."

"I want to go in it!"

"Well, someday we'll go in another one, but not right now."

"But I want to go in THAT one."

"We can't."

"But why?"

"Well, first of all, I'm driving.  So that kind of precludes us from getting on a plane.  Also, you have to have a special ticket - which we don't have for that plane.  Plus, that particular plane is already in the air. It's currently flying at about 10,000 feet or so.  How would we even get inside?"


"Well, we would need a ladder."

"A ladder, huh?"

"Yep.  A very tall ladder."


All this time and I had no idea it was so easy to board an airplane.

HAPPY WEEKEND!  And just so you know what's coming - 

ATW Linky parties now go ALL WEEK LONG!  If you haven't linked up a snapshot related in ANY WAY to the phrase "'Til the cows come home" do it!  (What do YOU like to do 'til the cows come home?)  Next week's link up starts Sunday - "Shaken Not Stirred."  Do you like martinis?  How about shakes?  How about boggle?  Maybe explosive soda?  Or you FEEL like shaking your 3 yr old?  Just kidding, none of us would ever do that.  Perhaps you just like to shake your groove thang. Snap a photo and come on over!

Some kind of food on Monday?  Yeah.  Yummy Monday will be back.  Though I don't know what I'm making yet...

At least THREE tutorials for easy and fun travel toy type thingies for the kiddos in your life.  That's right.  Three.  Bam.

Did I forget to post my thrift store and knock off projects from SYTYC?  Huh.  Imagine that.  I spose I ought to get those out there too.

And here I thought I'd have nothing to say to you after all this time.  Thanks for sticking around!!

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!


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ritarenata said...

ladder! ! ! kids are sooo genius

4 Lettre Words said...

So adorable, Kimberly. Pink frou frou rocks! :)

Jill said...

Don't you hate when google reader starts taking over? Right now I'm doing just that, and staring at Mt. fold and put away!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for stopping by & checking out my book wreath!

You have absolutely adorable children! What a wonderful blog!

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