Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chaos Revealed

Hey, so, remember yesterday when I gave you a sneak peek at the chaos?  Want to know what's going on?

Well, the mr and I decided it was high time to get rid of that nasty green carpet.  You know, this stuff.

The stuff I complain about in every photo ever taken of my house.

As if it isn't self-evident, I will give you a few reasons why you should never choose to install DARK FOREST GREEN Carpet throughout your whole house.
1.  It's dark.  And green.
2.  It makes everything else look dark, too.
3.  It doesn't go with anything.  Um, hello?  Neutral??
4.  It's ugly.

Here are a few reasons why our carpet in particular is disgusting and needs to be replaced.
2.  It is NOT soft.
3.  It is NOT cushy.
4.  It has no pile, texture, fuzziness, what have you... no, that's kind of a lie.  It has a texture.  It's called UGLY.
5.  It has been spilled on time and again.  When we moved in, we knew we were getting rid of it as some point.  So we were never careful with food, drink, paint, markers, etc, etc.  It will be an adjustment when we have our "REAL" carpet.
What IS that???
So, this chaos is both wonderful and horrible.

Why is it wonderful?  No more ugly carpet, much lighter feeling rooms, better for photos, better color to coordinate with our furniture, the list goes on.

Why is this horrible?  This is why:
my family room, in upheaval.
To save a few bucks, mr decided that not only would we move all our furniture ourselves, but we would also rip out the old carpet and pad by ourselves.  Which would be cool if it was one room.  But it is quite the opposite.  In fact, there is only one room in the whole house that does NOT have this ugly carpet.

Oh, also, because we will soon have carpet that we love, we decided we better get ourselves in gear and paint the family room as we have been meaning to do for some time.  Heaven forbid we spill red paint on the carpet we actually like.

Hence, chaos.  We are sleeping on mattresses on floors, 

we have moved our dressers to the living room (it's not easy getting dressed in the living room without feeling like an exhibitionist) 
the one area without green carpet.
and miscellaneous items to the dining room.
Why yes, that IS my bed leaning on my piano.

Our couches are all in the basement.  I refused to go without internet (because you know I am addicted) so I made mr hook it up in the basement in my craft area.

I will spare you the view of the basement, just know that it has been rendered virtually unusable, as soon most of our house will be (what with tack strips sticking up all over and all).

Somehow, we will finish.  Somehow we will survive.

Oh, and here's what we've got so far. 

More later.

Plus Yummy Monday on Tuesday.  Or Wednesday.  Or sometime soon...

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Two Shades of Pink said...

I got stressed just reading about, disorganization is the bane of my existence. Now saying that, you should see the dining room, kitchen counters, and my bedroom with the explosion of fabric, yarn, and craftisms everywhere. It ain't pretty. So the thought of furniture not where it should be? I am feeling your pain. The red walls look great! And you should see what we ripped outta here when we moved in. SO GROSS!

Kayla Marie Hyatt Cameron said...

Yikes! and I thought the carpet in my ghetto single women's housing was bad...

Mindie Hilton said...

We will be putting in hard wood floors this weekend. I feel your pain. I will be sure to share on my blog bacon time when its all done.

Julia said...

It will be so nice when it's all done!!!

Caitlin said...

I have ripped up carpet before, and although it's no picnic, it's definitely worth it in the end!! Best of luck :)

PS- I just found your blog, and I love it already!

Unknown said...

ack! way to take on a *few* projects at once! SYTYC, yarn it all, replacing all the carpet...
you know, you're just perpetuating the stereotypes of us blogging uber-mommys. :o)

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