Monday, April 18, 2011

A special treat, just for you.

Looking for the ATW linky?!  Please link your snapshots here!

Have you been over to Kitty Cats and Airplanes?  What am I saying, of COURSE you have!

She's on vaca this week.

And there is a special treat on her blog today!  Well, ok.  Maybe it's just me rambling on about some project I did.  With detailed instructions and lots of photos.  I guess that would be a tutorial, huh?

It may have something to do with this funny looking, wooden, desk-ish object:
My mom thought this was a bat house.  She had me going for a while...

Which was quite possibly used in the creation of this birthday card, from bug to my mom:

Translation:  Hi, Oma!  How are you, Oma?  I love you Oma... and I very love you, Oma.  Happy Birthday!  Your finger is on your finger!  Love, bug.

I do believe mr was correct when he observed that our son is a very existential author.

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Buckeroomama said...

The "I VERY love you, Oma" alone would make this card a keeper, never mind the existential poetry. =)

Michelle L. said...

Just went over and perused - what a great tutorial. I love the attached pencils and the graphic zig zags!

lisbonlioness said...

Does Oma happen to be German? :D

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