Friday, October 21, 2011

The Pumpkinflesh-Eating Goo Monster.

A side note before today's pumpkin craft... to all who may be wondering, the pumpkin button IS fixed now, and you can get it HERE, along with linking up to our pumpkinspiration party!

Now, onto the pumpkins!

This is the super easiest way to "creep-ify" your pumpkins.  It requires no skill, very little patience, and almost no ingredients.  My kind of craft.  

You'll start with your pumpkins.

Oh, and a squash and a gourd, too.  Why not.

Now, prop them up in your little makeshift holders... I used old styrofoam pieces from some electronics purchase or something or other...
I propped my pumpkins both upside down and rightside up - a few of each.

Now, take your first layer of paint - I used black.  Load a SPONGE BRUSH (the spongey part is pretty crucial) up with lots of paint and slap it down on the part of the pumpkin facing up (either the top or bottom...).  Spread it around so that it overflows and begins to drip down the sides.

 You let that dry a little bit, then add another color, and another.  I added green and finally purple.  And that's really all there is to it.  You can squish your sponge off closer to one side than the other to get larger, longer drips on one side.  You can also make sure to squish your sponge down in spots that don't yet have drips of other colors.  And, of course, you'll want to overlap your colors in some areas.

I decided that of the two different types, I like the pumpkins I painted upside down the best.  Here is the bottom/top of an upside down drip painted pumpkin:

I just like how it looks like the "goo" is traveling up the the sides - like it's growing up the pumpkin... creeping along... being all mysterious, like some kind of gross pumpkinflesh-eating goo monster.

The other way is cool too.  But not quite as cool. 

 If you want your pumpkins to look glossy (which I think makes it look much gooier and wet) just spray some clear spray paint or some craft sealer over the whole pumpkin once the paint is dry.

Here is my collection all done. 

 Beware the goo!  Beware!

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