Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Easy Girlified Canvas Tennies

I was going through part of my stash... well, let's be honest, it's more than a stash now. It's more like a GIANT CRAFT MONSTER in the dungeon-like basement.  It's starting to creep stealthily up the stairs and take over the rest of the house, which means I really need to go tame the beast in a major way.  But really, that's neither here nor there.
Point is, I was going through the STUFF and I found these cute little slip on canvas tennies I'd bought on clearance at Walmart a loooong time ago for bug... but they're now 2 and 1/2 sizes too small.  Whoops.
So I decided to make something cute for mini with them.  And since it was Valentine's Day recently and I suppose I was quite influenced by that, this is what I came up with.

And there're no super fancy ingredients for this tutorial.  It's simple in design and easy in execution.  You need nothing special.  Just canvas shoes, metallic outdoor paint and a brush.  (note: I started with a foam brush but it was just too big so I switched to a smaller regular one.)

You might also want a pencil.
1. Draw a large heart on the toe of each shoe with the top of the heart touching the sole of the shoes on the tip of the toes at the sides.
2. This line will be very faint and is only a guideline.
3. Fill in the heart with your gold paint and a small brush.
4. This first coat will have a lot of spotty areas and will have a very soft edge.
5. Here you see where I started to add another coat, and started to sharpen the edge - it's quite a difference.
6. Left shoe = one coat, soft edge.  Right shoe = 2 coats, sharper edge.

You'll probably want to do three coats total, but it will depend on the paint you use and the look you're going for.  I used outdoor paint on purpose since shoes, you know, go outdoors.  Below you can see the progression from one to three coats and the sharpening of the edge of the heart.  

With a small brush that has fairly stiff bristles, making a nice, straight, sharp edge shouldn't be too difficult.
Here's the right shoe all done.

And though they're just a tiny bit too big for mini's petite feet, they sure are cute.

Or maybe it's just the girl who's cute.

Or maybe it's both.

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Michelle L. said...

Those are perfect, I love the classic gold and navy. She is modeling the heck outta those shoes.

Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

Ah, these are so cute! The girl is cute, too. :)

Paper & Fox said...

I love everything painted gold... these shoes are really cute.

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